What’s a millennial to do on a rainy day?

Check out some of these ideas that will have you hoping it rains tomorrow.

Check out some of these ideas that will have you hoping it rains tomorrow.

It’s raining, you’re bored, there’s nothing to do. You were going to spend the day at the beach with your friends, but the bad weather spoiled that – so now what? Fret not, your change in plans could be turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

Check out these ideas that will have you hoping it rains tomorrow:

1. Put on a fashion show and photo shoot.
Embrace your inner kid – play dress up and hold a fashion show that ends with an editorial photo shoot, suggested PopSugar magazine. Do you have a dress you only got to wear one time? Throw it on and strut down the runway, aka your living room. If you and your friends want to spice it up, make it a competition and have someone judge the most fierce or creative looks. Also enlist a friend to do the makeup, and have someone else pick out the accessories. See who can get the most creative – mix a Baby-G pink series watch with pearls and a little black dress. Whatever you do, make it fierce.

2. Create your most dramatic music video.
Don’t worry, you aren’t weird for pressing your forehead against a rainy window and pretending like you’re the star of an emotional music video. Everyone has done it! But seeing as you have that desirably dreary weather, you and your friends can put it into production. Pick your favorite sad song and spend the day splicing together the perfect scenes. Or, set the stage for a lively dance video – the genre is up to you, just have fun!

3. Hold an indoor picnic.
Were you planning on roasting some hotdogs and burgers on the beach grill? Don’t let the weather stop you from throwing an amazing picnic. Clear a space in your living room, lay down a checkered blanket and chow down right there. Now that you have your fridge and pantry available, you can get more creative – or even gourmet – with food ideas.

5. Spend the day getting cultured.
Glamour Magazine suggested you head out and see what is happening in your community. Maybe there’s a new exhibit at the science or art museums you could peruse. But if museums aren’t your scene, pick up some tickets and see a film or a comedy show.

6. Skip the friends and treat yourself. 
There’s nothing like a good rainy day to wash away all the guilt of taking some time to pamper yourself. Pour some bubbles in the bath, light all the aromatic candles you can find and slather on a face mask. Take the time to catch up on that book you’ve been meaning to read or finish that TV series that you haven’t had time for. The day is yours to do whatever you please with. The only rule is to make sure you are always wrapped in something fluffy.

Bonus idea: Embrace the rain – go to the beach anyway.
Play in the rain! It’s hard to get mad about the rain when you’re already wet from taking a dip. Play all your favorite games in the rain – everything from Marco Polo to beach volleyball. Just make sure you use your best judgment and don’t hit the beach if there’s thunder and lightening.


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