Top 7 spring break destinations for 2015

Here are the top seven spring break trips to take this year.

Here are the top seven spring break trips to take this year.

Who knew that gearing up for spring break could be so stressful? The problem is that there are simply too many good options. When picking a place that not only offers ample sunshine, but also the right scene for you and your girls.

Here are the top seven destinations this year.

1. Cabo
Anyone who’s kept up with reality TV shows over the years understands that Cabo is the place to be. Basically, you go to Cabo because that’s where everyone else goes. Where’s the fun in sunshine and nightlife if no one else is on board with partying? Just make sure you don’t go too hard or you’ll miss out on some truly great activities that don’t involve drinking. Lonely Planet suggested visiting El Arco – a beautiful rock formation.

2. Cocoa Beach
Maybe you’ve never even heard of this Florida city because it wasn’t declared cool until recently. Florida Today reported that it’s come a long way to make it onto USA Today’s list of the top 20 places to go on spring break.

Since it’s still a newer destination, it’s the perfect place to be seen without being overwhelmed. Is there anything worse than not being able to find a place to put your towel on the beach?

3. Puerto Rico
This is the ultimate way to experience a new culture without ever leaving the country. If you want to stray from the rowdy parties and beer-guzzling crowds then PR is your golden ticket out.

You can sip Mojitos on the beach during the day and bar hop in Old San Juan at night. Rent a car and see the entire island in a day, or hop a ferry to some of the smaller islands. There’s really something for everyone in PR from spelunking to hiking in El Yunque National Rainforest. You can even rock your BABY-G white series, which is shock resistant, 100M water resistant and has a neon illuminator. It’s perfect whether you’re exploring the caves or riding a personal watercraft.

4. Miami
Spice things up this spring by checking out the constant party scene in Miami. Lather on your tanning oil and hit one of the city’s notoriously fabulous beach parties. According to Frommer’s, Crandon Park Beach in Key Biscayne is where it’s at. The beach is predominately filled with the beats of reggae, salsa and disco coming from the blend of families, party-goers and sun worshippers who go there. Windsurfing and other beach hobbies are an added bonus of your stay.

5. Cancun
You don’t even need to speak Spanish to visit this part of Mexico. Just bring your sense of adventure and plenty of energy. Aside from the marvelous beaches, you can swim with the dolphins, take a Mexican cooking class, go scuba diving and snorkeling or see some live music, explained

6. Europe
If you want to have a more cultured spring break, then why not take your big Euro-trip then? Not only will you get to experience more of the countries sans American tourists during that time of year, but flights will be cheaper than during the summer when everyone goes. Be warned, you’re going to have an exhausting spring break. If staying in three different cities in 10 days sounds appealing to you then get to booking!

7. San Diego
Gorgeous beaches, mountains and people make Cali a top destination for spring break. If eating tacos, hiking scenic routes and maybe even jumping out of an airplane sounds good to you, then you should go to San Diego.


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