Throw a premiere party for the new season of your favorite show

Throw a premier party for the new season of your favorite show

Throw a premier party for the new season of your favorite show

After a long summer off, all your favorite television shows are either back or almost back for the new season. You’ve spent three months contemplating the resolution to that cliffhanger from the season finale, and it’s finally time to see what goes down.

Whether you’re into cop dramas and murder mysteries, or more of a sitcom and realty show type of girl, there are several months of new episodes heading your way – and you better be ready to celebrate.

What to wear
Some shows are perfect for watching with your gal pals – fashion programs, teen-centered dramas and shows with attractive casts to name a few. If there’s a show that you typically get together with friends for, the season premiere is an excellent excuse to host a party. There are two main routes you can go for this gathering, depending on how creative you want to get.

One way to make your premiere party interesting is with a dress code. Ask everyone to dress up like a specific character or wear an outfit that’s somehow related. For example, suggest mystical outfits as you gather around to watch a show about fairytales. There might be some people who don’t get into the theme, but that shouldn’t stop you from having a good time with your costume. Don’t forget to put your BABY-G watch on with your getup so you can keep track of time as you prepare for the inaugural moment.

If the plot doesn’t lend itself to dressing up, consider having a pajama party. Everyone can wear their comfiest sweats and bring a pillow or blanket for the get together. It might seem like a silly idea, but that’s half the fun. There was probably a time when slumber parties were the most exciting plans you could have. Channel that childlike spirit as you and your friends rock the ‘jams in front of the TV set.

What to eat 
Television simply isn’t complete without snacks. Obviously the classics, like popcorn, candy and soda, will be appreciated by your guests. However, you can also make more creative treats for your friends to celebrate your show’s new season.

Like you did for costumes, brainstorm any themed dishes you could concoct. Pinterest is a great place to find interesting treats that people dream up and the steps to make them yourself. One idea applies to shows set in New York City, which are quite a few. Think about making your guests hot dogs and soft pretzels to reflect the street food available around the city. Alternatively, shows that take place in Chicago will be great to watch with a deep-dish pizza or mini Italian beef sandwiches.

Even if you don’t want to try your hand at a new dish, you can always make traditional party food. Whether it’s dips and jalapeno poppers or buffalo wings and nachos, your friends will be delighted to indulge in yummy snacks while they watch a new season of drama unfold.


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