The best picnic parks in the world

Best Picnic Parks

Best Picnic Parks

Looking for something to do this weekend? How about a picnic? Instead of heading to your usual post-up spot in that park with the brown grass and rogue dogs that make you defend your dessert, consider trying someplace new.

Check out this list of some of the most scenic parks across the world that are perfect for your next picnic:

1. Yosemite National Park, California, U.S.
You’ve heard plenty about this beauteous national park, but have you ever been? There are plenty of places to picnic amongst Yosemite’s 1,200 square miles. This park is filled with granite cliffs and thundering waterfalls, and oak groves that turn into a lush valley. It’s listed as one of USA Today magazine’s most scenic national parks in America, making this an extra-special picnic destination. Just be careful – if you choose to dine near a waterfall, you might end up with a soggy sandwich.

2. Primrose Hill, London, UK
You may know about this little spot as it appears in British romance movies as often as the Brooklyn Bridge does in American romance flicks. It’s a small hike to get to the top of this hill located in the Royal Regents Park, but it’s worth the view once your there. It has one of the best natural panoramic views of London, according to The Royal Parks website. Experience it in all its glory over a brunch picnic as you watch the sunrise, or over dinner as the sun sets. Either way, you have to check out what makes this hill so special.

3. Parc des Buttes Chaumont, Paris, France
The Guardian recommended you visit this perfect park in northeastern Paris. It’s the fifth largest park in The City of Love but its famous Temple de la Sibylle that overlooks the lake has been the subject of many romantic landscape paintings – you’ll see why when you visit. Pack a lunch of French wine and cheeses and head to the top of the temple or lounge lakeside and enjoy.

4. Uneno Park, Tokyo, Japan
Picnic among this park’s delicate cherry blossoms in one of Japan’s first parks with grounds that have been superbly manicured every year, according to Kensetsu, the park’s website. There are over 800 cherry blossom trees located on the premises so you won’t have to search too hard for some privacy. And who knows, maybe one of these trees will inspire you to write a haiku just like they inspired poet Basho Matsuo to compose,”Cloud of blossoms.”

5. Park Guell, Barcelona, Spain
Brit + Co magazine suggested you grab some tapas and head to the park that features gardens and architecture from Antoni Gaudi. As you enjoy your food in Nature Square, you can enjoy the view of the busy city below. Gaudi’s design of this park was inspired by his naturalist phase, so everything has a rather earthy feel to it. Don’t forget siesta hour! Check your BABY-G watch after your lunch, it might be time for a nap.


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