Practical ways to save money every day of the week

Sometimes, it's all about the money, money, money - and how to save it.

Sometimes, it's all about the money, money, money - and how to save it.

Have you been known to joke around with your friends about money – or lack there of? “Savings account? What’s that?” You laugh, they laugh, but your wallet cries. “A savings account is that thing you don’t have because you haven’t been saving money,” your purse seems to whisper in distress. But one day, you will have payments and other serious financial responsibilities, so thinking about your future is a good idea every once in a while.

Knowing how to save some money, especially for the holidays, will help you financially and even mentally. Nothing wears a human down like the stress of not having enough money. It’s time to start taking your bank account seriously. Here’s a couple of ways you can save money every day of the week:

Sunday: Grocery shopping.
It’s Sunday so you want to go grocery shopping for the week. There’s plenty of places to save here. Don’t worry, you don’t have to sift through the newspaper’s coupon section. Instead, CNBC suggested you try planning your meals out for the week. This way you know exactly how much you’ll be spending – and saving – on food each week. You can also purchase loyalty cards at supermarkets. These give you credit for the coupons that you otherwise would have had to clip from the paper.

The source explained that dining out is the No. 1 expense for the average budget, so you can really save money by having your meals planned and having takeout for special occasions. Plus, keep in mind that ordering food can be unhealthy for you because you don’t control the ingredients going in. Therefore, you aren’t just saving money, you’re possibly saving calories too!

Monday: Skip the coffee shop.
Monday rolls around and you need that cup of caffeinated motivation to get the week started. Skipping the coffee shop is the oldest money saving trick in the book – but it really does add up over time. Fixing up a pot seems impossible after the weekend, but it really isn’t, so you could save four to five bucks every cup, reported CNBC.

Tuesday: Mend your clothing yourself.
The Simple Dollar explained that you don’t have to throw that shirt away with Monday’s coffee stain on it. Instead, you can find creative ways to either remove stains or find ways to cover them up. Pants have a hole in them? Destroy them further – distressed jeans are in right now! You don’t need to throw your clothes out and buy new ones, you just have to give them some TLC. And when you fix them up, you can be sure you won’t get caught wearing the same thing as someone else because you’re the only one with that look.

Wednesday: Stop watching TV.
Television is a great way to unwind, but it exposes you to a lot of things you don’t need. When you watch TV – especially reality shows – you’re more likely to compare yourself to celebrities or people who can actually afford to have four different cell phones and designer cases to match, explained CNBC. Go one step further, get rid of cable. With both movies and television available online, you really don’t need it anyway. So now you can save on your cable and electric bills.

Thursday: DIY gifting.
Your friend’s birthday is coming up and you need to get her a present. Scratch that and make a present. Instead of going out and buying something material, make the gift yourself, suggested The Simple Dollar. Not only will you save money, but you’ll look like a rock star friend for taking the time to personalize a gift.

Friday: Have friends over.
Instead of going out, invite your friends over for a fun night in. It’s been a long week so sometimes you need a Friday to stay in and relax as opposed to being bombarded by strangers anyway. The Simple Dollar explained that a night in is a fun way to save money because everyone can pitch in bringing over drinks, food or entertainment.

Saturday: Splurge on nice clothing.
Spending extra money on clothing seems like the opposite of saving, but when you purchase good quality clothes, you’ll have them a lot longer than you would with cheaper fast fashion stores, explained. Keep an eye out for these stores sales – sign up for emails that alert you when they start so you can keep shopping and saving. Don’t forget to consult your wardrobe before you buy, make note of things you need and things you really don’t so you avoid getting anything unnecessary. Consider your accessories as well – will that jacket go with your BABY-G watch? If not, will you really be able to wear it?


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