Packing list essentials for Spring Break

It’s that time of the spring semester all college students have been eagerly awaiting: spring break!

It’s that time of the spring semester all college students have been eagerly awaiting: spring break!


It’s that time of the spring semester that all college students have been eagerly awaiting: Spring Break! Whether you’re hitting up sunny beaches or bar-hopping through big cities, it is essential to make sure you’re packing the right items for your trip. Besides the obvious necessities, such as a bathing suit and phone charger, you don’t want to make the mistake of missing out on packing something you hadn’t even thought to bring.

Remember the sun is your frenemy
We all love the sun-kissed effect those rays give us – who doesn’t want to come back a glowing goddess? But it is very important to keep in mind that the sun can harm your skin far worse than you would like. You don’t want to be the first of your friends to be stuck in the hotel because you got too sunburnt on day one so be sure to pack your sunscreen! Mashable recommended using one with at least 15 SPF, if not more. If you have paler skin or are prone to getting burnt easily, you might want to go even higher than that. The source also said that aloe vera isn’t a bad thing to pack either, just in case you can’t avoid turning the color of a tomato so early on in the trip. Keep track of how much time you are spending in the sun with your Casio Baby G watch and try lounging in the shade every so often!

Hangovers are the killer of the day-party
So you were out all night and maybe had one too many margaritas. Suddenly, you want to turn into a vampire the next morning and keep the shades drawn. Wouldn’t it be great to reach into your bag and pull out the mother of all hangover aids? Make sure to pack your Advil or Tylenol! Coffee helps too, but headaches adding to the overall misery you may endure the next morning is a big no thank you. Pop either one of those pills and get up and brunch! Make sure you set your Casio Baby G watch with an alarm so you don’t end up sleeping the day away.

If you’re going to be checking out a lot of cool spots on your mini vacay, it’s a must to bring a decent pair of comfortable shoes. Walking all day in flip flops or high heeled boots may not be ideal for your feet later on. For those nights spent out, rock your favorite pair of snazzy sandals (wedges add that extra glamor and flair!) and pair them with a chic sun dress or lightweight long sleeve and jeans to keep any wind at bay. In case of blisters, it might not be a bad idea to throw in some Band-Aids to your toiletry bag.

A cross body bag is a must
Lauren Conrad suggested bringing a chic cross body bag for the daytime walks and for going out at night. That backpack you traveled with may not be stylish enough, so having something small and fashionable is definitely a necessity. Where else are you going to keep your phone and lipstick all night?

Those things you’ll probably forget
It can be more exciting to focus on the fun items you are bringing rather than the boring stuff, such as a reusable water bottle. It is a good idea to bring one along to refill throughout the day so you stay hydrated and don’t constantly spend your money on throwaway plastic water bottles. A good hat to shield your face from the sun is also another item you should consider bringing along. Toss in some gum, a wide toothed comb for that knotty beach hair and a granola bar for those sneak attack hunger moments and you will be set for an awesome Spring Break!


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