How to throw the perfect end of summer soiree

Simply follow these guidelines and you'll be crowned the queen of summer shindigs.

Simply follow these guidelines and you'll be crowned the queen of summer shindigs.

It’s time to celebrate summer before it ends. And what better way than throwing a little summer soiree? Putting together what will surely be the social event of the season isn’t as hard as it sounds. Simply follow these guidelines and you’ll be crowned the queen of summer shindigs.

Ambience and attire
Before you start decorating, you first have to lock down the theme of your party. If you want to go for a classic, chic theme, then you have to do a white party. Guests will adore the chance to dress up, and no one enforces theme parties any more, so this is your chance to bring them back this summer. This will also prevent the inevitable question of “what do I wear?” that all of your friends will text you in panic after they receive their invitations. Your BABY-G watch will be the perfect accessory for that new romper you bought for the occasion. Of course, you could do this theme with virtually any color you’d like, for example a pink pool party, or a black barbeque – the choice is yours, just detail accordingly.

Now you can focus on the whimsical decor. And no, setting out a couple of tiki lanterns does not count as whimsy lighting. Instead, try this: Drape strings of mini white lantern lights over your patio space and line the perimeter of your party with white candles and lanterns. The soft glow these lights emit will give your party a very NYC rooftop party vibe. Style Me Pretty fashion blog also suggested placing delicate flower arrangements to freshen the space up.

Make sure all your party accessories are on theme. If you have a pool, toss in some white beach balls. If you have the space for curtains, try hanging sheer white drapes from. Even when you consider your seating for your guests, toss some white pillows on your lawn chairs. No detail is too small!

In a world where invitations are sent out electronically, bring back the classic paper in the mail invitation. Break out the old RSVP line and invite your guests to an evening of splendor. Besides, everyone hates getting mail unless it’s a party invitation anyway, right? Here’s what you should include on your invitation:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Place
  • Attire.

Food and drink
If you decided on the white party theme, you have to consider your snack choices wisely, as there are plenty of opportunities to stain, so you’ll need to stay on theme and only serve white food. Go for salty popcorn, fluffy vanilla cupcakes and white chocolate covered pretzels. Drinks might be a tougher category to follow, but you can’t go wrong with a light lemonade! Martha Stewart’s blog noted that you could mark the food and beverage station with some white balloons, so it’s easy to find for guests and adds a touch more decor.

You want to keep the beats light – even at night. The best way to keep a crowd energized is to create a playlist with fresh hits, as well as a good mixture of timeless throwbacks.


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