How to create a space that will make you want to study

How can you create a space that will ensure you get some effective learning done?

How can you create a space that will ensure you get some effective learning done?

When you’re trying to do some serious studying, it’s important to set yourself up for success. That means you’ll need the right snacks, books, music and, most importantly, environment. What you surround yourself with when you’re trying to be productive has the potential to actually hinder your abilities. How can you create a space that will ensure you get some effective learning done? Read on to find out!

Remove all clutter.
First thing’s first – get rid of the clutter around your workspace. When you look around, are you surrounded by stacks of papers you’ll never need again? Do you have old coffee cups or wrappers from old snacks left behind after your last study session? If so, show no mercy and toss them out. FastCompany reported that this clutter isn’t just distracting, it can actually be a health issue. It has the power to make you feel constricted and uncomfortable even in your own home because it over-stimulates your senses. This in turn just adds to the stress of your test. The source also reported on a study from Princeton University Neuroscience Institute that explained how multiple stimuli within eyesight causes your brain fight for attention, making you less focused.

Set the mood lighting.
Light is a powerful thing – it has the capability to affect both our mood and energy levels. So if you’re trying to hit the books, studying in soft lighting as that will likely make you feel drowsy. The Huffington Post explained that the best kind of environment for keeping focus is natural light, mentioning several studies that have supported the theory that it improves focus, performance and overall mood. Once you declutter your workspace, see if you can rearrange yourself so you are facing as much natural light as possible.

Carefully consider the color.
The Huffington Post also explained how colors can be used to alter your productivity and retention. Blue might be a color you fill your space with, as it is associated with friendliness and relaxation, which would be a great option so you don’t get anxious while studying.

Motivate with decor.
True, you did just declutter your space, but when you replace clutter with motivational prints or cute office supplies, you might actually enjoy getting down to work. And, you don’t have to overdo it with the design, stick to a simple and clean layout. Personalizing this space can help inspire creativity when you desperately need it and make you feel like a professional. You have to fake it until you make it right? Just be sure to keep it clean so you constantly have a source of motivation instead reverting back to the clutter stress. Don’t forget to include a clock – or keep your BABY-G watch handy – so you have a clear idea when it’s time to take a study break!


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