Fashion tips for bike rides

Fashion tips for two-wheeled transportation

Fashion tips for two-wheeled transportation

Not only is riding a bike healthy and eco-friendly, it’s also trendy all over the world.

However, choosing an outfit for the occasion isn’t always a no-brainer. Do you stand in front of your closet for a solid 15 minutes before you feel appropriately dressed for a bike ride? You’re certainly not alone.

It might seem like you have to choose between form and function when you’re pulling an outfit together for biking. You may wonder if it’s better to look fashionable when you arrive or be comfortable en route. Luckily, you don’t have to make such drastic sacrifices.

The gear
According to Teen Vogue, the first opportunity to show your style is with the bike you’re riding. That might not apply if you inherited a bike from someone or bought a used bike on a budget, but if you’re just starting the hobby, think about the look want to ultimately achieve. Additionally, you should invest in a helmet that makes you feel cute. While you may think there’s no such thing, it’s more important to stay safe than maintain a perfect hair day.

Speaking of safety, it can be dangerous to look at the time on your cell phone on a bike, so don’t forget to wear a watch while you’re out and about. Check out the white series style for an accessory that will match any bike you ride.

The fashion
Teen Vogue recommended wearing a dress for fashion-forward bicycling. However, you may want to throw on a pair of spandex shorts to avoid flashing the strangers you ride by. If you’re uncomfortable with the risk of indecency or aren’t much of a dress wearer, shorts are probably your best choice. Several regular biking ladies weighed in with Fashion Magazine about their personal style. They suggested wearing an interesting and attractive top with a pair of shorts to maintain your fashionable appearance.

For footwear, it’s best to choose a style that fastens to your foot, according to Teen Vogue. Go for gladiator sandals instead of flip-flops and sneakers rather than slip-ons.

When you’re packing a bag to bring with you for a bike ride, consider the need to keep your hands free. It can be difficult to steer and maintain balance while holding a purse or phone. Teen Vogue suggested wearing a backpack or a small cross-body bag that won’t get in the way. You should avoid hanging a purse from the handlebars because the straps can get caught in the wheel spokes, causing the bike to flip over.


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