DIY personal terrarium inspiration

How to Make a Terrarium

How to Make a Terrarium

Have you noticed how everyone and their mother have terrariums all of a sudden? They looked cool at first, but once you saw one, you saw them all. These little pots or glass bowls all seem to have the same succulent arrangements – what gives? Nonetheless, these little personal greenhouses are a great way to spruce up your space – it’s just a matter of personalizing it to make it different from everyone else.

Check out some of these ways you can personalize your terrarium:

1. Design your own pot.
Don’t leave the design up to a store-bought container – create it yourself. Choose a pattern you like and get to work painting or gluing on your idea. Or, consider this unique idea: Coat the pot with chalkboard spray paint so you can doodle on a new sketch whenever you want.

2. Turn it into a mini herb garden.
Not many people farm their terrariums! Instead of planting a succulent, why not opt for some fresh basil, rosemary or sprouts? The only difference is you probably won’t be able to keep it wherever you want because herbs need plenty of sunlight, reported the National Gardening Association. They also require a little more maintenance than other plants so just know that going into it.

3. Try an aquarium farm.
This is a neat combination of a fish tank and a terrarium. The top of the tank is where the plants go – they get their nutrients from the fish waste, explained CNET. Because the plants are soaking up the waste, you’ve got a self-cleaning service, so you don’t have to worry about the up keep!

4. Make it multifunctional. 
You’ve seen those clear make-up and accessory holders before. Why not try potting your succulent in that? Then you can also surround it with your other favorite things like your BABY-G watch!


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