Comfy travel outfits for you to try

Comfy travel outfits for you to try

Comfy travel outfits for you to try

Staying cooped up inside is a real drag when the sun’s shining, especially after a long, hard winter of snow and rain. Now that the weather’s heating up, why not spend a little time hitting the road? Traveling during this time of the year can be beautiful and exciting. Not only are the trees and flowers usually in full bloom wherever you go, but everyone around you is typically thinking the same thing.

Before you pack up your bags and plan out your destination, make sure you’re planning out the finer details, too. Getting caught in your sweatpants and a frumpy shirt, for instance, can be avoided if you follow these fashion tips:

Leggings are fine – within reason
Who wants to wear jeans when they’re traveling? Whether on planes or behind the steering wheel, this is not something you should force yourself to do, but make sure you’re following the basic rules for casual wear. If you decide on leggings, for example, make sure your shirt hangs lower than the waistband. Glamour showcased Mindy Kaling’s travel outfit as an example of this look done right. She’s wearing graphic leggings and simple sweatshirt and seems comfy enough for a trip of any length.

If you’re not going far…
If you plan to do a day trip somewhere, you might not need to plan a whole travel ensemble, but you should still keep it comfortable. Jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of simple flats are perfect. Throw on a BABY-G black series watch, pull your hair back into a ponytail and get ready to enjoy your day without worrying about whether your outfit looks perfect. This look is all about function over fashion, allowing you to focus on getting the most out of your trip.


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