9 realistic New Year’s resolutions you should make in 2017

Set a goal you can actually achieve in 2017.

Set a goal you can actually achieve in 2017.

The new year offers the perfect opportunity to better yourself. But even though many people have good intentions and set a New Year’s resolution, it’s often put on the back burner. Studies show that even though half of the population sets a goal on Jan. 1, only about 8 percent of those people actually achieve it.

But maybe that’s because they’re coming up with a resolution that’s too far out of reach. For example: It’s great that you want to eat a salad every day for lunch, but let’s face it – you’re going to crave that juicy burger eventually. If more people stopped setting goals that are nearly impossible to obtain and started reaching for something more realistic, that success rate would surely skyrocket.

Need a little help deciding how you’ll better yourself this year? Don’t fret – here are nine practical New Year’s resolutions to consider:

1. Purge your closet
Why do you still have that ripped sweater from last December’s Christmas party? There’s no need to hold on to it. Go through your closet and remove the clothing that hasn’t moved in a year.

2. Start showing up on time more often
If you’ve been told to show up at a certain time, start doing it. Do you really want to continue being the friend who’s always late to class or practice? Make use of that Baby-G watch you got for Christmas start setting the alarm.

3. Go to bed at a reasonable time
Maybe you’re always late because you’re not getting enough sleep. In order to function properly, The National Sleep Foundation said teens need 8 to 10 hours of rest each night. Start getting into bed at a reasonable time, and leave your smartphone on your nightstand to avoid distractions.

4. Drink more water
Drinking enough water will keep you from dehydrating, and it’ll also make your lips and skin soft and supple. You should technically be drinking about 8 glasses of water every day, but let’s be more realistic – drink at least a glass with every meal.

5. Read more
When was the last time you read a book, front to back, without it being an assignment? Do some digging and find a novel that really appeals to you, and read it. The sense of accomplishment that follows will be worth it.

6. Eat healthier
It’s much more realistic to say you’ll eat healthier than to say you’ll stop eating unhealthy foods. Let’s be honest – there’s nothing better than stuffing your face every once in a while. But you still need to make healthier choices overall. Elite Daily suggested making small adjustments to your diet so you’ll improve throughout the year.

7. Spend less time on social media
Did you know the average teen spends about nine hours on social media every day? That might seem insane – but think about it: When was the last time your phone wasn’t attached to your hip? In the shower? That doesn’t count. Try spend less time looking down at your smartphone and more looking up at the incredible world around you.

8. Spend more time focusing on your passion
With all of that extra time you won’t be spending on social media, you can invest it in one of your true passions.  Pick up that guitar and take those lessons. Or, put your pencil to the paper and start writing again. No matter what your hobby is, just spend more time making yourself happy.

9. Keep up with what’s going on in the world
Start watching the news every morning or read the newspaper every Sunday to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the world.

Setting a resolution that’s realistic makes it easier to feel accomplished and it can really boost your confidence. See how many you can achieve by the end of 2017!


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