5 places you’ve never heard of but need to visit

Places You Need to Visit

Places You Need to Visit

While a trip to Rome to see the Colosseum or a tour around London on a double-decker bus are cool experiences, they can feel rather cliché if you’re looking for something off the beaten path. You already know about these “must-see” travel destinations, so why not try something new?

Check out this list of places you might not recognize, but need to visit:

Portofino, Italy
This quaint village of about 500 residents located in the Italian Riviera is actually a popular resort town for celebrity getaways. While you could spend all day kayaking and shopping by the picturesque harbor, Portofino’s Castello Brown is a historic castle with a view overlooking the town that you can’t miss. With plenty of history, culture and food, this spot has to be at the top of your travel bucket list.

Reykjavik, Iceland
Despite its desolate-sounding name, Iceland is a scenic hub of food, art and natural anomalies, reported The Wall Street Journal. Although the downtown area is just 3 square miles, the town is home to world-class dining experiences including Nordic chefs and the Coocoo’s Nest, a restaurant built from scratch by the owners says The Wall Street Journal. The town is surrounded by hot springs for swimming, and volcanoes for hiking. If you’re visiting in the winter be sure to bring your Baby-G backlit watch because the rumors are true – during the winter months the city only gets four to five hours of sunlight, so keeping track of time in the dark can be tricky!

Isle of Skye, Scotland
Located in the Highlands of Scotland, this island is a destination for hikers and wildlife enthusiasts. There are plenty of unique natural landscapes, including the Cuillin Range, The Trotternish Ridge and the Old Man of Storr, a formation that has a 160 foot rock on a cliff side that looks like “an old man hunched over,” a Boston Globe reporter recalled. You can also take a tour to see the island’s animals that include red deer, dolphins, whales, seals and puffins, just to name a few.

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia 
This is not your ordinary park. According to Travel + Leisure, the park has 16 lakes including waterfalls, canyons and caves for exploring. While you can’t stay on site, there are plenty of campgrounds and hotels right nearby so you won’t have too long of a commute in. Due to its exquisite beauty, this park has been dubbed a UNESCO World Heritage location, so how can you afford to miss it?

Dongchuan Red Land, China
You’ve never seen a landscape like this before, and you might wonder if it’s real or not until you see it with your own eyes. Located outside Kunming, the area can be challenging due to its remote geography, but it’s absolutely worth the trip for this unique sight. The soil gets its red color as a result of the warm climate decomposing years of iron oxide, China Daily USA reported. When you visit, be sure to snap a couple of pictures, or your friends might not believe how red it actually is.


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