5 inexpensive places to visit this summer

Dreaming of your summer vacation?

Dreaming of your summer vacation?


Dreaming of your summer vacation? Imagining nothing but lounging in the sunlight, sipping on refreshing fruity drinks and checking out the astonishingly beautiful views? Obviously you want to have the best possible time without breaking the bank, so it’s essential to be smart about your options based on your budget. Expenses on a vacation can add up – plane tickets, hotels, food, souvenirs – so laying out the ideal choices that match your budget can help influence your decision. Below are some of the top places to travel if you need to watch your spending:

Cape Cod, Massachusetts
There are numerous cheap places to stay in the summer along the east coast, and Cape Cod comes highly recommended by Travel U.S. News. This source said the serene bike trails and quaint cottages make for a peaceful getaway. There are plenty of free attractions to check out, and if none suit you, there’s of course the luscious sand and gentle healing powers of the ocean. This spot is perfect for relaxing, family bonding time, a break from city life or a tranquil couples weekend.

Looking for the ultimate, soul-searching experience? Indie Traveller advised you head north to the Chiang Mai region of Thailand where you can find the best accommodations for low budgets – whether it be a basic bed after a tiresome day of backpacking or a hotel with a pool out back to dip your toes into after a day of exploring. Grab some friends and travel deep into Thailand to discover the culture it has to offer – like Buddhist temples, rice fields and hill tribes.

Looking for glorious, picturesque beaches and delicious food? Portugal may be the next destination for you. raved about Lisbon, because as the second oldest capital in Europe, its streets seep with old, vibrant architecture and intriguing history and culture. Not to mention, it is incredibly affordable.

Hungary probably isn’t the first place you would think to travel to, but its gorgeous landscapes and incredible buildings are not to be missed. Hungary’s immensely popular thermal baths will give you the luxury and relaxation you desire and deserve, and there are plenty of cheap hostels and restaurants to aid your budget. Try one of their river cruises on the Danube, or sign up for a pub crawl to discover unique bars and corners of the city that will leave you breathless.

Palm Springs, California
Traveling to Palm Springs in the summer will be relatively cheaper than if you were to travel there in the winter. The heat can be a lot to handle though, so make sure to check your Casio BABY-G BG6903-2B watch every so often to keep from spending too much time in the hot sun. If you travel downtown, you’ll find shops and popular restaurants, or if you prefer to avoid those areas, try the Palm Springs Tramway for opportune photos of the scenery. There are plenty of indoor attractions – Tripadvisor suggested touring the Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway and see where Elvis himself spent his honeymoon, or the Palm Springs Air Museum if you have a particular interest in Aircrafts and World War History.


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