Avoiding the dreaded jet lag

Jet Lag Tips

Jet Lag Tips

The best part about any trip abroad for the holidays? The chance to experience a foreign country. The most annoying part about any journey to another time zone? The potential for experiencing jet lag, which can make or break your travels. Setting your BABY-G BGD560-7 watch to the correct time before landing can help your mind wrap around the time difference, but your body might have a harder time adjusting. You can start to prepare for a different zone even before you leave for your trip, but the work will really begin en route and in the immediate aftermath of your arrival.

On the plane
When you’re settled into the airplane seat, avoid the temptation to stay up and watch all the in-flight movies while enjoying the complimentary bar car. The best thing to do is catch some shuteye on the new country’s schedule. So if it’s midnight once you’ve taken off, try to get some rest as soon as you can. They will be serving breakfast on the plane before you know it. Taking sleep aids like melatonin, using lavender essential oil and sipping on chamomile tea can help you drift off a bit more easily, but you also should pack earplugs and an eye mask to block out the noise.

Move around as much as possible
On a super long flight? Try to stand up and move at frequent intervals, Skyscanner said. Getting the blood flowing will help you feel better and less stiff upon arrival, at which point you should start your day immediately. It will be tempting to fall right asleep once you are in the new time zone, but you should head out to explore and spend as much time as you can in the sunlight, the source advised. This will help your internal body clock register that you need to be awake, despite it being in the middle of the night at home. To help with this, try and schedule your flight so it arrives during the day: If you can stay up and make it until bedtime, the transition should be easier.

Watch what you eat
Different snacks and meal choices can help or hinder jet lag. Conde Nast Traveler offered up edible options to help you better adjust. Berries can help you feel hydrated, particularly after spending time in dry, plane air. Also, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, for example, are packed with antioxidants, water and fiber. Make healthy choices as often as you can, even though that fast food joint may be calling. Extra salt and fat in processed items will make you feel worse, so opt for vegetables, protein, whole grains and fruits.

If you’re headed somewhere entirely new, chances are you will be so excited about your trip that jet lag won’t be an issue. However, no one wants to feel miserable when there is so much to experience and explore, so be wise while in transit for a more comfortable time abroad.

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