Working out in winter weather

Working out in winter weather

Working out in winter weather

Freezing temperatures may seem like an excuse to stay bundled up on the couch, but you can only stay indoors for so long before you get the itch to head outside for a jaunt in your neighborhood winter wonderland. While a few living room aerobics or yoga sessions may satisfy at first, eventually you’ll want to venture out and let loose for a jog, ski trip or even a classic snowball fight with friends. Of course, frigid weather can make outdoor exercise a hassle for the unprepared, but there is much to be gained for those who bundle up and face the elements in an effort to stay active in these icy months.

Diving in head-first
As you likely know already, keeping your head warm is a top priority when heading out into treacherous winter climates. This means that you need to find headwear that provides the warmth you need without burdening your high-octane activities. For example, look for a pair of athletic earmuffs that wrap around the back of your head and top these off with a lightweight, breathable athletic beanie to keep in heat without letting things become too sweaty. A pair of sports sunglasses can also protect your eyes from snow while giving you a clear view of the snowy landscape.

As for the rest of your winter wear, you’ll want to stick with items that allow for mobility without letting you become a walking icicle. Find a sporty fleece to put over your favorite workout clothes and throw on a light outer shell to fend off wind and any precipitation. A pair of snug sweatpants and some cross-trainers will give you the lower body warmth you need to stay on the move. Put on your favorite Baby-G watch and enjoy your snowy escapades.


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