The 4 types of people you’ll meet paddleboarding

Here are the four types of people who try SUP.

Here are the four types of people who try SUP.

People have been maneuvering the ocean’s waves with a stick and board for thousands of years. SUP World magazine explained that in Peru, fishermen would sit on vessels made of reeds to get their daily catches. After a day of work, the fishermen would wind down with some surfing, which may have been the first step in the evolution of stand up paddleboarding, called SUP for short.

SUP has come a long way since then. So long as you have a board and paddle, the ocean is your oyster. The sport’s versatility has subsequently made it easy for a wide variety of people to give it a go. Next time you’re out on the water, keep your eye out for one of these four adaptations of SUP, invented by sun worshippers everywhere.

1. The sleeping beauty
SUP has morphed from an intensive workout to a leisurely vacation rite of passage. These days, you can find SUP in the most unlikely of places. Vacation goers can rent gear just about anywhere, including major cities like Boston, which may be why you encounter at least one or two people who are strewn out on the boards, soaking up the sun and taking cat naps.

If you’d like to join this group of sleeping beauties, grab your sunscreen and consider putting one of these Travel Channel’s best picks on your itinerary:

  • Redondo Beach, California
  • Lake Tahoe, California
  • Black Canyon, Nevada
  • Key West, Florida
  • Anywhere in Costa Rica.

2. The overachiever
Of course, not everyone is seeing SUP as an excuse to work on their tan. Many people still use the sport to get in shape. It’s a great way to burn off those calories that you’ve undoubtedly packed on at that all-you-can-eat brunch. Who knew you shouldn’t take those things literally?

Burn some calories by following Self Magazine’s SUP regimen. The publication stated that you can actually shed 500 calories per hour. Not to mention, all you need to do is bust a few extra moves to reap the benefits of a full-body workout in addition to cardio. Does your Pilates class give you that kind of satisfaction?

Go for the overachiever SUP-er style by doing some squats, lunges and crunches. Try sitting down on the board and paddling as fast as you can to tone the biceps and triceps. Wear your Baby-G white series, black series or pink series watch while you ride. The watches are water-resistant, shock-resistant and durable, which makes them the perfect companion for a day of sun and exercise. Not to mention, the vibrant colors add a pop of pizzazz to any bathing suit. You’ll look like a pro!

3. The explorer
Because SUP is typically a tourist attraction, some people use it as a means to tour the area. There’s nothing quite like making your way through Puerto Rico with nothing more than a board and paddle. How else will you get an up-close photo of bioluminescent plankton for your Instagram? Add your favorite filter and upload your creation to woo your friends and family. Top that spring breakers.

4. The diva
There’s always that one person who’s really gone out on a limb, against all reservations, to try SUP. She’s the girl who’s whining and flailing her arms. She doesn’t want to break a nail, and she hates how the salty ocean water makes her eyes itch and her hair green.

Look around when you’re on the water. You’ll be able to see her a mile away. Just make sure you’re not that girl. SUP is no sport for divas.


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