Take your treadmill workout to the next level

The treadmill is not necessary something to loathe - it can be a fun way to run inside.

The treadmill is not necessary something to loathe - it can be a fun way to run inside.


Many runners feel that there is nothing better than cruising outside for a few miles. The sights, sounds and smells of being outdoors while running can be therapeutic and meditative for those who choose this activity. It’s something that can be done anywhere and almost at any time, and very little equipment is needed, save a pair of running shoes, that BABY-G watch and some tunes – although some purists might prefer to run in silence. Sometimes the weather refuses to cooperate. It’s hard to run in snow, unpleasant to pound the pavement in heavy rain, and the heat can make that daily jog extremely uncomfortable. Then, it’s time to hit the treadmill,sometimes known as the “dreadmill” to seasoned runners who feel that logging miles while staying in one place is something to fear.

But a treadmill workout does not have to be flat, boring and possess no greater challenge than staring at a wall for half an hour without going insane. If you want a more intense running experience the next time you have to head indoors, try some of these ideas and the minutes should pass by in no time:

Use a heart-rate monitor
For the diehard athlete who likes numbers, Self Magazine advises bringing along a heart-rate monitor. To strengthen this all-important muscle, maintain a pace that keeps your heart between 65 and 80 percent of its maximum. And to work out what this number should be, multiply your age by 0.67 and then subtract that figure from 206.9. The source noted that this formula isn’t entirely accurate for all people, so prepare for it to be off by about 7 beats per minute on the high and low end. Then, you can get your blood pumping by programming in sprints between jogging intervals – sprinting all-out for two minutes, resting and jogging for one and then repeating the routine, for example – or crank up the incline to run uphill while speeding up or two minutes or so, and then returning back to a comfortable pace.

Print out a workout
For those who need concrete milestones to pass – much like using landmarks to judge distance and time when running outside – Popsugar Fitness presented a printable guide to your next treadmill workout. A trainer from the popular program Barry’s Bootcamp offered up a structured interval run where you alternate between hills, flats and sprints, bookended by an active warm up and cool down. Every couple of minutes the runner has to change either their pace or incline. With this constant adjustment of speed and hills, this run is not likely to get boring.

Get the best playlist
To get excited about hitting the treadmill, make yourself some killer playlists. Pick enough songs to fill the time you intend to spend running. Then, be sure to add your favorites somewhere in the middle when you know you will need inspiration. Not only will you have fun putting together some cool tunes, but running inside will also be more entertaining with something you enjoy. To stay motivated, try to pick the most energetic music you can handle, saving the more meditative and chill songs for your outdoor jogs.

The treadmill can actually be a useful tool to stay fit when the season does not permit. For the most part, you can find this kind of equipment at gyms around the world, so it can also be helpful if you find yourself traveling frequently and you don’t fancy running outside. Conquering the dread of an indoor run can be simple – it just takes a bit of willpower and the willingness to try something new.


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