Staying fit in the city

City life doesn't have to interfere with your fitness goals.

City life doesn't have to interfere with your fitness goals.

If you’re accustomed to running in suburban neighborhoods or doing circuit training in parks, moving to the city can throw a wrench in your workout routine. Crowded streets, busy traffic and a limited number of open, green spaces present a challenge for those who enjoy exercising outdoors.

Whether you’ve recently moved to the city or have lived in an urban area for years, use these tips to create a game plan for staying fit amidst the bustle and crowds of city life.

Find your favorite spot
One of the challenges to city life is finding safe areas with enough room to exercise. While they may not be as apparent as in a rural or suburban area, they do exist. Read local running or biking blogs to find out where people like to exercise, or just grab a map and look for green spots. Finding a space where you feel safe and comfortable working out is critical to staying fit when you move to a new area.

You should also keep an eye out for classes and recreational activities offered in your city. Lonely Planet reported that some areas offer everything from yoga to kayaking. Try out new forms of outdoor exercise to find out what you like.

Use your commute
If you take public transportation to work or school, your commute may be the perfect opportunity to get in some exercise. Get off of your train or bus a few stops early and walk the rest of the way to your destination. Increase the distance every couple of weeks if you’re looking for a challenge. You might even want to consider walking the whole way if your commute isn’t too long.

Biking is another option for getting in a workout during your commuting time. Business Insider reported that the average cycler loses 13 pounds in the first year of commuting by bike.

Start your morning right
Staying fit while living in the city starts before you even step out the door. City life is so busy that every minute counts. Pack your running shoes so that you’re prepared to go out for a walk if a break presents itself during the day. Make sure that you also bring your BABY-G digital watch so that you can track how long you exercise.

One of the conveniences of city life is the availability of quick food options. However, if indulged in too often, fast food can counteract your efforts to stay fit. Wake up early in the morning so you have time to pack healthy snacks to bring in your bag when you leave for the day. That way, you won’t be tempted to buy sugary or greasy foods when you’re out and about and hunger strikes.

Consider joining a gym
If all else fails, considering finding a gym to join. While it will be more expensive than working out outdoors, you need to find a routine that will help you be most consistent in your fitness regimen. If the safe, convenient location provided by a gym makes you work out more regularly, bite the bullet and find room for a membership in your budget. Your health is always worth investing in.


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