Picking the perfect playlist for your summer workout

Picking the perfect playlist for your summer workout

Picking the perfect playlist for your summer workout

Bikini season is here, which means that along with the various protein smoothies and low-cal foods we’ll be downing come the summer workouts that help keep our bodies in shape. As with any workout, there are only a few things you need aside from the proper equipment: a kickin’ outfit, can-do attitude and playlist timed to perfection.

The songs on your list will vary based on your personal taste and which artists are hot at the moment, but the core tenants remain the same. Keep the following in mind when crafting your song selection for your exercises:

Stretching with yoga
As part of your preworkout routine, consider starting with some simple yoga stretches. As you’re counting breaths and building balance, play a soothing selection in the background. Opt for calming melodies without lyrics, as fast-paced songs may get your heart pumping and adrenaline flowing – neither of which are desirable during this portion of the routine.

Running through the street
Whether you prefer running on the treadmill or jogging through the streets, now is the time to pick those songs with persistent beats. Your running list can contain a mixture of medium- to fast-paced selections, as long as you can find the recurring tones to tap along with as you go. Try to select a group of songs with similar paces, as you want your jog to remain consistent.

Sculpting abs
Lifting weights and sculpting your abs require those tunes that make you want to get up and start moving. Your selection should have even and fast paced songs only, as the beats will not only keep you moving consistently, but allow your body to fall into a repetitive routine that will make the movements come more easily. Keeping track of your crunches should be a breeze with your BABY-G watch, which can alert you when your workout is complete.


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