Make your sandwiches healthier

There are plenty of healthy ingredients to add to your sandwich.

There are plenty of healthy ingredients to add to your sandwich.


The classic sandwich: Versatile, appropriate for every meal of the day, small enough to slip into your bag. Sandwiches can also be quick to make, comforting and require little thought. You need two pieces of bread and something to throw in the middle – that’s it.  However, a sandwich is occasionally not the healthiest item to select if you’re aiming to eat and feel better. You see, it’s all about the ingredients you choose. Opting for white bread diminishes your meal’s nutritional value somewhat, as does filling it up with too much cheese. Your condiment choices may also be questionable, if you tend to use copious mayonnaise, ranch dressing or anything else thick and creamy.

But, surprise! It is entirely possible to make this item healthier, more veggie-filled and still tasting as excellent as ever. Here are some ways you can enjoy a delicious, nutritious and hearty sandwich that will satisfy your appetite and provide enough fuel for physical activity:

Send in the beans
Ever considered beans on a sandwich? If not, it’s time to look at how you can incorporate legumes into your lunch. Hummus is an excellent way to keep your sandwich’s fat content lower and its protein level higher. Try a Mediterranean-inspired treat with hummus, cucumber, a little bit of feta cheese, roasted peppers and spinach. If you want to make it even more authentic, seek out whole-wheat pita bread, which can add more nutritious grains to your meal. You will be checking your BABY-G watch to see if you can book a trip to Greece with this sandwich for your lunch.

Prefer the tastes of Italy? Fitness Magazine suggested a white bean and mozzarella sandwich, which will give you some extra fiber for afternoon staying power, keeping your tummy satisfied and your hands out of the candy jar. Toast the bread slightly when making your sandwich to keep it all together, and mash the beans onto one half before adding the rest of the ingredients.

Try some avocado
Those who prefer a creamy texture to their sandwich may want to look into using avocado instead of mayonnaise. According to Healthline, the extraordinary fruit has more potassium than a banana, tons of fiber, a solid amount of Vitamin K and is full of monounsaturated oleic acid, which is said to be good for your heart. Mash up an avocado with a bit of cilantro for a Mexican-themed sandwich, or go all out with the greens and make The Green Thumb Sandwich, according to Broma Bakery. Alfalfa sprouts, cucumber, spinach and a bit of herbed goat cheese pack this sandwich full of veggie deliciousness. Skip the suggested yogurt dressing to save calories, but intrepid chefs can make a lighter version using fat-free Greek yogurt.

The best way to a healthy sandwich is to seek whole-wheat or homemade bread – with no preservatives – add tons of vegetables and try to up the fiber and protein ante with beans, as opposed to processed meats. With a bit of creativity, your sandwich will be packed full of good-for-you items, and can be a great part of a balanced diet. Just invest in a small plastic box to keep it safe when transporting it from home: Nobody wants their creation all over their bag.


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