Jumpstart your spring fitness goals

Jumpstart your spring fitness goals

Jumpstart your spring fitness goals


Spring is here, and that means you can no longer blame the weather for you not being as active as you should. Between the indulgent holiday meals, champagne-fueled New Year’s festivities and freezing temperatures preventing you from getting to the gym, you may have lost track of your progress when it comes to staying in shape. But while the winter let you get away with cuddling up on the couch with hot cocoa and sitcoms for a few months, the sun is now out and ready to play – get out there and join the fun with some springtime workouts to jumpstart your fitness goals!

Understandably, it might be tough to switch gears from hibernation mode to all-out fitness fever. Consider taking small steps to ease into a more active lifestyle – no one is expected to hop off the couch and run a marathon, after all. To rejuvenate your enthusiasm for working out, start with a short jog around the block to let your body know it’s time to get moving. Instead of focusing on those aches and creaks you might be experiencing, take this time to enjoy the spring scenery and soak in those wonderfully warm rays of sun.

Once you get past this first workout, you’ll be well on your way toward a fit and fruitful spring. If you’re finding it difficult to keep your motivation up, try exercising with a friend or look online to find a routine endorsed by an inspirational athlete or celebrity. You may need to spice things up along the way, so mix sports like swimming and cycling into your routine to keep it fresh. Treat yourself if need be – a new running outfit or sporty BABY-G digital watch may be what it takes to get you into the zone.



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