How to train for a 10K race


5K Training


Starting a new fitness routine can be an exciting and energizing pursuit. Depending on the activity you choose, there may be a learning curve – not everyone who starts rock climbing, for instance, can scale the wall on their first attempt – but some people enjoy learning new skills in addition to exercise’s benefits.

Of the many sports people pursue, running or jogging is extremely popular. You can, quite literally, go for a run anywhere. It requires minimal equipment – except for die-hard enthusiasts, but you can even just use your BABY-G watch with alarm to time your journeys – and can be done in a variety of conditions, although you may not have the best run of your life when the weather is miserable. Because many people enjoy running, they choose to enter races, sometimes as a way of measuring their progress. Picking a race distance for which to train is another way to focus running goals. Many beginning runners like to sign up for 5K races, but another manageable race for which to train is a 10K.

Why a 10K race?
Running 10 kilometers, or a little over six miles, can be a manageable distance for novice runners. According to Competitor, training for this distance will not require much more than a couple of extra months of preparation if you are able to run a 5K race. In other words, you don’t have to put in twice the effort you may have expended working up to a 5K. Preparing your body and mind for a 10K is manageable, does not necessitate a huge commitment and is also a significant milestone for runners of any ability. If you have been practicing the sport for a while, you may want to challenge yourself to run a faster time, for example. If this is your first 10K, you might just be thrilled to complete it. Your goals and reasons for running are personal, but any runner can note that he or she won’t have to make major life changes to accommodate training.

Plan it out
You will, however, have to set up a plan to get ready for your 10K. To increase endurance and, in some cases, your speed, it is likely that you will be running further and more frequently, perhaps throwing some sprinting exercises into your regimen. And, of course, you will have to slip in workouts that are not running-related, Self Magazine said. Why? It is important to build your muscles in different ways with a variety of activities. This helps to prevent injury, but also means that you become stronger, overall. For example, to build endurance and physical strength, it can be helpful to work your core and your arms and back, the source suggested. This means you can try lifting weights, swimming, yoga or Pilates in addition to your scheduled training runs, which will become longer and more intense gradually. Competitor said that your longest run each week should not be more than five miles, maximum, and that you should work up to running 15 to 20 miles each week to be in good shape to enjoy your 10K race.

Get some gear
While you don’t have to go all out in buying flashy running equipment, you will need to invest in a good pair of running shoes, Self Magazine said. Because your weekly mileage will increase in a 10K training program, it is a good idea to invest in running shoes that fit well, support your feet in the right way and are well-made. Visiting a running store can be helpful. In many instances, staff are trained to help runners select the best shoes for their gait, body type and feet.

The only other running-specific items that may be helpful are a waterproof, breathable running jacket and a reflective vest. A jacket can keep you warm, dry and still help cool you off on longer runs. If you run in the morning or on busy streets, cars must be able to see you, so ask about reflective tape or other wearable items.

Running a 10K race can feel like a huge accomplishment, in terms of both your physical fitness and your stamina. With a bit of training and some mental fortitude, you may find you are capable of running further than ever before – and will feel amazing in the process!

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