How to get started with yoga

Ready to learn yoga?

Ready to learn yoga?


Yoga: an ancient collection of postures designed to unite the mind and body through connected breath and movement. Many people enjoy practicing yoga asanas, or the different movements, because it helps them to relax, encourages them feel to more comfortable in their bodies and gives them a way to channel their energy. Some people find it leads to increased focus. Others enjoy yoga because they like they way it makes them feel physically. Overall, the practice can extend into other aspects of life, and some individuals eventually report sleeping better and feeling calmer in stressful situations because of what they learn about themselves and their minds and bodies through yoga practice.

Walking into that first yoga class can feel intimidating, which is a reason why many people shy away from starting the discipline. You might feel like everyone already knows what to do, or you may feel self-conscious about moving your body in an unfamiliar way. Once you take that first step, however, you may quickly discover that there is nothing scary about yoga, and that no one really cares about what anyone else in the class is doing; it’s a personal and introspective activity that can also be a pretty difficult workout!

So if you’re ready, here’s how you can go ahead and begin a yoga practice for the very first time:

Start at the beginning and find a yoga studio
It seems simple, right? In order to start yoga, you need to find a place in which to do it, according to The Journey Junkie. Beginners can benefit in myriad ways from having a teacher walk them through postures, break down what cues mean, and show them how movements are connected together, . This guidance can be invaluable and will take a lot of guesswork and mystery out of yoga. The source added that a studio setting can really enhance the mood of the class and  transmit the sentiments of the teachers. Some novice practitioners discover that it can feel truly meaningful to be around others who are also learning. This helps build a feeling of community over the shared practice, which many people find helpful especially in the beginning. Look for deals that enable you to try a new spot for a discount. If you like being there and enjoy the teachers and the classes you can sign up for a membership.

Try a DVD first
There are a wide range of yoga-themed DVDs which are perfect for beginners. The teacher in some instances can explain the nuances of each pose, without actually running through an entire class. This way, you can try out the poses at your leisure before linking them together. The Journey Junkie added that it also means you can do your yoga anywhere, from the living room to the hotel room to your basement, if that’s what you prefer. In other words, starting off with a yoga DVD gives you flexibility to learn at your own pace.

Get out of your head
Mind Body Green advised that you set your alarm on your BABY-G watch as a reminder to get to class and stop making excuses for why you’re avoiding the activity. No one is judging you, worrying about where you are in your yoga journey, and none of the others practicing around you care what you look like. In other words, the source said, get out of your head and onto the mat. Thinking too much about yoga is a roadblock to starting a practice.

Additionally, throughout your experience, don’t judge yourself either. You are learning something new, and that takes courage and patience. Remember that your body will be a little bit different every day, so see these changes as something exciting and to be observed in the moment, as you take note of how your yoga makes you feel each time you practice. So, how do you start a yoga practice? Take a deep breath, put on some comfortable clothes and be willing to learn. You may be extremely surprised – in a very good way!

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