Healthy foods you might be ignoring

Ok but sure, you might not be avoiding carbs but you're probably avoiding one thing: Bread ends.

Ok but sure, you might not be avoiding carbs but you're probably avoiding one thing: Bread ends.

When it comes to food, there are certain areas everyone is used to avoiding. You’re not necessarily ignoring certain bits of foods, you just know they’re rather taboo to eat. Check out these common foods you likely avoid yourself, and why you should stop being so picky and indulge.

Bread ends
If you’re one of those girls that proclaims “gluten forever,” then you know what pure joy in edible form is: bread. This doughy wonder comes in oh-so many shapes, sizes and flavors. Who could ever resist? Ok but sure, you might not be avoiding carbs but you’re probably avoiding one thing: Bread ends. Stop doing this! There are several studies that support the nutritional benefits of crust. One of the industry’s more famous studies conducted by researcher Thomas Hofmann found that bread’s crust is the healthiest part of bread. It contains antioxidants and other compounds that have cancer-fighting properties.

Besides, the bread ends can’t freak you out that badly – you enjoy submarine sandwiches and those are all crust! So eat up and stop passing your bread off to the birds.

Avocado pits
People are already obsessed with avocados – but they’re totally losing it over new information that explained that massive pit you have to gut and toss from the fruit is actually the most nutrient-dense part. And it’s edible. The Daily Mail recently interviewed nutritionist Amy Shapiro who explained that the pit if full of fiber and antioxidants. In fact, about 70 percent of the antioxidants in an avocado are located in the pit.

These antioxidants give your immune system a boost and also help prevent wrinkles. The fiber on the other hand acts as a prebiotic, helping nourish the healthy bacteria in your body. Wondering how you can indulge? First, remove the pit as you normally would and use a sharp knife to tap into the seed. Rinse it off and put in the oven at 248 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours. This will dehydrate the outer skin allowing it to break off, reported the source.

Throw away the outer layer and find the mark you made earlier. Use a knife to pop that seam open in two halves. Dice those halves up and place them into a blender until it becomes a powder. Store the powder in your fridge until you’re ready to use it. It mixes right into smoothies or yogurt!

Watermelon seeds
Contrary to popular belief, ingesting watermelon seeds will not make the fruit grow inside your stomach. This little black seed however is loaded with nutrients, reported Health Line. So before you reach for a seedless melon, or try to have seed spitting contest, just consider these fun facts. A handful of watermelon seeds contains about .29 mg of iron, 21 mg of magnesium and several mu of folate. Not to mention, they’re extremely low in calories. These are all vitamins and minerals that you need to help your body run smoothly. You can roast them just like you would sunflower seeds, or just slurp them down with the rest of your fruit salad.


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