Are you just going to sit there? A workout routine you can do right from your couch

You had them fooled, and  you had them fooled good.

You had them fooled, and you had them fooled good.

Nothing sounds worse than that grating question of judgment, “Are you just going to sit there?” But now when you hear this you can look them dead in the eye and confidently say, “Yes. I am just going to sit here.” Then bust out your workout routine when they least expect it.

You had them fooled, and you had them fooled good. The athleisure look, with your cozy looking spandex and fashionable BABY-G watch made it look like you were too dressed up to workout. And yes, you may be sitting down, but think about it, don’t all good exercises start in a seated position anyway?

It’s time to stay seated. This workout is meant for those days that you can’t get off the couch but really want to. You’ll surprise everyone when you tell them your secret is staying in the chair:

1. Seated jumping jacks: 60 seconds
You can get that heart rate up even when you’re sitting down, according to the Active Times. There’s not much to this explanation, you simply perform a regular jumping jack motion except you do so seated. Start with your arms by your side and bring them over you head as you simultaneously open and close your legs. Use your Baby-G watch to time yourself.

If you don’t like to do jumping jacks – or want more cardio – try jogging in your chair, suggested the source. Be sure to pump your arms and bring your knees extra high to properly simulate the jogging motion.

2. Leg lifts: 12 per side
They say sitting on your butt all day is bad for you, but not with this move. Cosmopolitan actually said you can lay down for this pose. Lie on your side with your head supported by your upper arm. Then give you core and tush a squeeze, and with a locked knee, lift your leg toward the ceiling as high as you can. Bring the leg back down and repeat until you finish the side. Alternate sides and perform again.

3. Mini chest lifts: 30 reps
This move will look like you’re barely moving, but Shape magazine explained this small-range-of-motion move will work your inner thighs, glutes and your triceps – the trifecta. The magazine said all you have to do is sit on the edge of your chair with you knees bent and hands by your hips. You’ll then tighten your knees and glutes while pushing down with your hands at the same time. The source explained these should be quick little motions, but you should never actually leave your seat.

4. Bicycles: 25 reps 
You won’t get soft in the middle from sitting around with this exercise. Start by sitting right on the edge of the chair and tipping yourself back so you’re holding yourself up with your core. Pick your feet off the ground, bend your left knee and bring it toward your opposite elbow, twisting your core, recommended Cosmo. Alternate by bringing your right knee to your left elbow – that’s one rep. Repeat for 25 reps.

5.The neck releaser: 10 seconds each arm 
Now it’s time to stretch it out with this move suggested by Fitness Magazine. Once you’re starting to feel a little stiff, scoot to the edge of your chair. Sit up straight with you feet flat on the floor. Use your right hand to gently pull your left arm behind your back. As you do this, slowly rotate your neck in a circle. Once you’re done with that arm, repeat on the other. At the end of this move you can proudly say you had a great workout without leaving your couch.


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