9 stress-relieving tips for teens

Don't let studying overwhelm you. De-stress with these tips.

Don't let studying overwhelm you. De-stress with these tips.

You’re almost through the first half of your senior year. That’s exciting, but it also means midterms are right around the corner which can be rather stressful. But don’t panic! Just take a step back, breathe and consider these tips for relieving your anxiety.

1. Browse your favorite website
If the words in your textbook start reading like a foreign language, you need to take a break. Get on your phone, open up the internet browser and visit your favorite website or social media outlet.

2. Give your mom a call
Stop punching the keys of the keyboard in frustration. Just take a breather and ask your mom for a pep-talk. If she isn’t home, give her a call. Research by the School of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that a mother’s voice can have the same comforting effect as a hug in a time of need.

3. Pamper yourself
If you feel like you could use a break from studying but want to keep moving, give yourself a manicure. Seventeen magazine said the repetitive motion of painting your nails can actually be soothing and calm you down.

4. Take a workout break
Exercise can be an excellent stress reliever, especially when you’re drowning in your studies. Take a break and head to the gym for a quick workout session. Or, go for a quick jog around your neighborhood. Fitness is a sure-fire way to clear and relax your mind in a time of need.

5. Take a deep breath
Sometimes, taking a deep breath is all you need to calm your nerves. According to the American Institute of Stress, the response of deep breathing results in calming the heart beat, muscles and blood pressure, which can ultimately put your entire body into the ultimate state of relaxation. Try dedicating a few minutes to controlled breathing for every 30 minutes you study.

6. Give yoga a shot
Just like deep breathing can relax your entire body, yoga is an excellent way to calm your mind. Consider hitting up a yoga lounge during exam week. It’ll help you balance your stress while strengthening your muscles.

7. Shop the stress away
Sometimes, retail therapy is the only answer. If your stress seems like it’s out of hand, ditch the books for an hour and head to the mall. Buy yourself a new outfit to rock while you ace those midterms.

8. Have a good laugh
When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried? When your overly stressed, laughter can truly be the best medicine, according to Helpguide. It can improve your mood, ease anxiety and fear and fill the happiness void created by the stress.

9. Eat a healthy snack
Feeling stressed out might influence you to reach for a sweet and satisfying sugary snack, but do your best to fight the temptation. Eating junk foods might give you an instant relief from the stress, but the pleasure will eventually wear off. It could even lead to mood swings and irritability on top of the initial stress, according to Dr. Mercola. Do yourself a favor and stick to healthy snacks, such as blueberries, pistachios and dark chocolate. The sweetness of these natural foods can help satisfy your craving without negatively impacting your health.

No matter how stressed you get, you deserve time to relax. Wear your favorite Baby-G watch while you study and set your timer for a 10-minute study break after every chapter. You deserve it!


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