8 ways to exercise while you shop

Working out while you you shop is simple and totally achievable!

Working out while you you shop is simple and totally achievable!

Face it: Your time management skills aren’t the best. You love dedicating all of your free minutes to shopping and find it difficult to squeeze in a decent workout by the end of the day. But what if you could do both at the same time? That’s right – it’s time to make physical fitness shopping a thing. Gather your friends and start a trend to exercise-shop until you drop!

Here are eight ways to you can get that workout in while you browse the mall:

1. Take a break from online shopping
For starters, you’re not going to work up a sweat if you’re adding items to the shopping cart from your couch. That’s why Cosmopolitan magazine suggested taking a break from the online shopping and working those legs around the mall.

2. Park far, far away from the mall
Sure, it’s convenient to grab that prime parking spot 10 feet from the mall entrance. But come on, that short distance won’t do your muscles any good! Park as far away from the doors as possible and walk the extra mile.

3. Use the stairs
Elevators and escalators are great – when you’re not trying increase your levels of physical activity, of course. Avoid these convenience-machines and take the stairs instead!

4. Raid the entire store – or mall – before making a purchase
Whether you’re shopping at a single store or you’ve decided to browse the entire mall, walk the entire perimeter before making a single purchase. It’s a great way to rack up those extra steps in the day.

5. Do wall-sits in the dressing room
Plan on trying on that cute outfit before you buy it? Do some wall-sits in the dressing room! Press your back against a wall, bending your knees and keeping them at a 90-degree angle. Keep track of time on your Baby-G watch or perform the move until you can’t hold yourself up anymore. If you beat your record, treat yourself to that cute dress!

6. Spot bending, start squatting
When you look through the store and notice that cute pair of boots standing on the floor, don’t bend and reach for them. Instead, Mind Body Green suggested squatting for them. Take advantage of grabbing every item that allows you to work your glutes while you shop!

7. Use a basket instead of a cart
Pushing your items around in a cart won’t work your muscles nearly as well as a basket could. Start carrying them around to feel the burn!

8. Hold your friends’ shopping bags
Be a pal and offer to hold your friends’ shopping bags throughout the trip. You can clue your bestie in on your fit routine or trick her into thinking you’re just being a generous friend.

Before you head out on your physically-fit shopping trip, don’t forget to wear your favorite Casio Baby-G watch! Set a timer and see how many of these moves you can do before you cash out.



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