6 things you’re sick of hearing if you love working out

Check out this list of comebacks if you're fed up with workout Debbie Downers.

Check out this list of comebacks if you're fed up with workout Debbie Downers.

Don’t you hate it when you have to listen to people talk down on your passion for working out? What’s wrong with working hard to look good and feel better? Nothing. Don’t let the haters get you down!

Check out this list of comebacks to use if you’re fed up with workout Debbie Downers:

1. Don’t you hate being sore all the time?
Being sore means your body is changing for the better, so no. InStyle Magazine spoke with trainer Lacey Stone who explained why being sore is a good thing.

“When your muscle recovers, it’s going to be stronger and denser than before, which will create a leaner look if you have a healthy diet,” Stone told the magazine.

Being sore is simply a reminder of how dedicated you are to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

2. How do you make the time to workout?
Check your BABY-G watch, look up and say: You can always make time to workout. No one can honestly say they don’t have 30 minutes in their life to squeeze in a workout. It doesn’t have to be crazy, and it certainly doesn’t have to shake up your normal routine – just read on to comeback No. 5 to prove that!

3. Can’t you just skip the gym, just this once?
Chances are you’ve never actually been asked to skip the gym just “once,” rather you’ve been asked quite a few times. But the thing is, athleisure clothing options are making it easier than ever to transition from working out to going out. You only need a quick workout, so your friends can wait for you to get your sweat on before meeting up with them without upsetting them too much.

4. Wouldn’t you rather eat a pizza?
What a ridiculous question, everyone loves pizza but it can always come after the workout. A couple of years ago health and fitness blogger Dannii Martin published an article in the Huffington Post titled, “I Lost 98 Pounds — And I Still Eat Pizza.” It’s all about moderation and finding the balance between eating and working out. You can still have all your favorite foods, especially now because you’re working out to help you counter the calories, according to Martin’s blog.

5. Why bother when there’s so many good series on Netflix right now?
The crazy thing about working out is, you can do it while you watch Netflix. You can workout any way, any time you want. The Mayo Clinic reported that you only need 30 minutes of exercise a day, which is quite convenient as that is approximately one episode of that new show you’re binging these days. And what better distraction from the pain than your favorite show anyway?

6. I’d workout but I can’t afford a gym membership. 
Hello! You don’t need a gym membership to workout. The sidewalk is the original treadmill and you have a built-in StairMaster in your building – it’s the stairs. There are plenty of workouts you can do to get toned without even needing to buy a pair of free weights!


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