6 ideas for taking your workout outside

Taking your workout outside during nice weather can keep you from becoming bored with your exercise routine.

Taking your workout outside during nice weather can keep you from becoming bored with your exercise routine.

When you’re stuck inside all winter, it can be easy to get into a rut with your fitness. Being indoors definitely limits what you’re able to do when you workout. But now that sunny days have returned, it’s time to get outside! Try one of these ideas to incorporate some fun into your usual workout routine.

1. Hiking
Sure, you can get in some great runs while the weather is nice. But to keep from getting bored, try throwing in a hike. You won’t be moving as fast, but the steep and uneven terrain can give you an opportunity to work different muscles. In a relationship? Bring your significant other along. Fitness magazine reported that working out together can help a couple bond. Plus, someone should be there to take that Instagram picture once you reach the summit!

2. Swimming
Bad knees? Swimming is the ultimate workout for days when you want to go easy on your joints, but still get in some good cardio. Plus, when it’s hot out, swimming is pretty much the only workout that guarantees you won’t finish drenched in sweat. However, you need to be intentional about actually swimming. Lounging poolside or floating in the water isn’t going to get your heart rate up!

3. Park circuits
Some parks are starting to install their own equipment for outdoor workouts, which is awesome. But if your community hasn’t jumped on that band wagon yet, it’s easy to design your own circuit workout. For example, use monkey bars for pull ups, benches for step-ups and straight paths for walking lunges. Get creative! The options are almost limitless.

4. Biking
While it is possible to cycle indoors, it’s a great idea to break it up with some bike rides out in the sun. Not only will the change of scenery keep things interesting, but The New York Times reported that biking outdoors can burn more calories because drag created by the wind forces you to work harder.

5. Stairs
Who needs a step machine when you can run stairs outside in the sun for free? Find a flight of stairs outdoors and work those legs! Bleachers work great if you have access to a sports field in your community, but you can also just find stairs that aren’t crowded with other people and do multiple sets. For an extra intense workout, intersperse sprints in between sets of stairs. Just make sure you stretch out well before and after to avoid injuries.

6. Team sports
Whether you were a three-sport athlete or dreaded PE every day in grade school, playing a sport with your friends will help break up your gym routine and let you get in a good workout while having fun. Try joining a recreational softball or soccer team, or give a tennis racquet a swing. Anything that gets you moving while having a good time will keep you motivated to stick with your fitness regimen during the rest of the week.

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