5 ways to work out while on vacation

Taking time to relax doesn't mean that you have to shelf your exercise routine.

Taking time to relax doesn't mean that you have to shelf your exercise routine.

A vacation should be an opportunity to escape from stress and enjoy some downtime. But that doesn’t mean that your workout routine should be put to the side.

Getting exercise while on vacation can actually improve your mood and increase your alertness to help you more fully enjoy your time off. Try some of these easy workouts to maintain consistency in your fitness routine during your time away.

1. Choose your hotel wisely
You’ll be miles away from your local gym, but that doesn’t mean that your favorite equipment won’t be within your reach. When booking a hotel, try to find one that has some sort of gym. Even just a treadmill and some dumbbells are better than nothing! You may not be able to recreate everything that you normally do when you work out, but getting in some weight training and cardio will help you maintain your fitness until you can get back to your usual routine at home. According to Travel + Leisure some hotels even offer barre, spin and other classes to guests.

2. Pack the essentials 
It’s probably not practical to pack a set of weights, but there’s definitely gear that you can fit in your suitcase. A resistance band will take up next to no room in your bag, but is a super diverse option for a workout on the go. A jump rope is another packable option that will help you to get in a quick but intense cardio workout. You can also roll up a yoga mat and attach it to your carry-on to use on the floor of your hotel room for an ab workout. And running shoes are a must. If you’re having trouble fitting them into your suitcase, just wear them to the airport and put the shoes you were going to wear in your bag instead.

3. Skip the taxi
One of the easiest ways to stay active while traveling is to pass on the cab and walk to your destination when possible. Not only does this let you get in some exercise, you’ll also get to explore the city and see things that you probably would have missed if you’d taken a taxi. ACTIVE suggested packing a pedometer that you can strap on to count your steps each day as you hit the major tourist attractions in the area. You can also keep track of the time you’re walking around with a trendy digital watch from Baby-G.

4. Look for local activities
Who says that working out can’t be fun? Look for activities that will combine the best of fitness and adventure. If you’re at the beach, try paddleboarding or kayaking. Relaxing in the great outdoors? Tie on your boots and take a hike. Don’t hesitate to ask locals or the concierge at your hotel for fun activity ideas. While there’s nothing wrong with museums and restaurants, try to intersperse a few active options into your time away.

5. Start your day right
Even if your schedule is packed tight, try to start each morning with some exercise. Even 15 or 20 minutes of yoga or Pilates will help keep you on track. And by getting a quick workout in early in the day, you won’t have to stress about whether you’re going to have the time or energy to exercise later.

While it’s great to get some exercise in while you’re on vacation, remember not to be too hard on yourself. If you set your expectations too high, you’ll spend your getaway feeling stressed out and guilty. Remember that getting in even a portion of your normal activity level will help you to stay on track until you can get back to your typical fitness routine.


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