5 ways to take your workout indoors during colder weather

You can still have a great workout on days when you're stuck inside.

You can still have a great workout on days when you're stuck inside.

Fall brings plenty of things to enjoy: crisp leaves, seasonal beverages and warm scarves, to name a few. But from an exercise perspective, cooling temperatures and stormy weather can seriously limit your options when it comes to your fitness regimen. Bad weather can put a hold on fun, fit activities like running, biking and outdoor sports, forcing you to take your exercise inside.

But being inside doesn’t have to inhibit your healthy lifestyle. If the weather is starting to interfere with your outdoor workouts, consider these five ways to have fun taking your exercise indoors during the fall and winter.

1. Invest in equipment
When the weather is gray and rainy, your workout doesn’t need to be dreary too. Keep things interesting by investing in some equipment for your home that you can use when the colder weather forces your fitness regimen indoors. Prevention magazine recommended resistance bands, a stability ball, a yoga mat, dumbbells, workout DVDs and a heart rate monitor as home workout must-haves. To get in some cardio, consider investing in a treadmill, stationary bicycle or elliptical machine. If space is tight in your home or apartment, make sure that you have room to store the machine before you make your purchase!

2. Sign up for a class
If the thought of a treadmill seems like your idea of torture, consider breaking up your indoor workout blues by signing up for a fun fitness class. Whether you want to unwind with yoga or break a sweat with spinning, attending a class can keep you from hitting a slump when your exercise starts to feel routine. As an added bonus, you may also learn new moves that you can incorporate into your workout back home after the class.

3. Bodyweight exercises
Having workout equipment at home will go a long way in maintaining your physical fitness when you cant work out outside. However, weights and machines aren’t the only way to work up a sweat. The Huffington Post recommended using bodyweight exercises to combat stress and fit in a good workout on days when you need to stay inside. You can try squats, push-ups, lunges and planks as a start. Use favorite watch with an alarm from the BABY-G BGD500 collection to time your sets.

4. Find group activities
Working out with another person is a great way to stay accountable and keep your workout routine interesting. When the weather is nice, it’s easy to get in your daily exercise by going on a run with a friend, joining a softball league or participating in another group outdoor activity. With winter just around the corner, low temperatures and rain will likely severely limit your opportunities to be active outside. To hold on to the benefits of exercising with friends, look for alternative activities. Consider joining an indoor soccer league or spending an evening at the local skating rink. There are plenty of ways to get moving while staying out of the bad weather.

5. Use online resources
If you start to get bored with your indoor exercise routine, break things up with a little help from the Internet. The Web is filled with YouTube videos and blogs that can give you fun new ideas for taking your workout routine to the next level. But use caution when making your selection. Only take tips from fitness professionals, and consider consulting with a doctor before making any drastic changes in your diet or level of physical activity.


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