5 unique workouts you have to try

Unique exercises to shake-up your workout routine.

Unique exercises to shake-up your workout routine.

Love working out but feel stuck in the same exercise routine? The good news is that there are tons of unique fitness activities to try so you don’t have to choose between working out and having fun!

Check out this list of activities that will shake up your boring routine:

1. Rowing
Rowing typically involves early mornings on the water, but if you can manage to wake up it’s great exercise. It’s a low-impact sport, but don’t underestimate it – rowing is a full-body workout. With good form, rowers develop toned legs, arms, shoulders, core and buttocks. If you don’t live near water, don’t worry! Most gyms have an ergometer (otherwise known as “the rowing machine”) that you can jump on. Just be sure to keep track of your timed sets with your BABY-G watch, as you won’t have a coach like you would on the water.

2. Parkour
You’ve probably seen the videos of these real-life ninjas bouncing around cities, exerting seemingly little effort to scale a wall. But the truth is these moves are totally doable, as parkour instructors Nikkie Zanevsky and Dominic Marcella demonstrated for The New York Times. In fact, they said you need to learn to crawl before you run. To get started, the trainers suggest crawling in a circle. The technique has you moving opposite limbs together, so move your left foot with your right hand. Don’t worry about getting thrown into impossible moves – it’s all about learning the discipline of controlling your muscles at first.

3. Aerial yoga
Does stretching on the floor sound too boring to you? Well fear not, because now you can suspend yourself from the ceiling to do downward dog. You might wonder how there could possibly be health benefits from dangling from the rafters, but there are! The Huffington Post asked the same question, and reported that this type of yoga makes your body work harder to control its muscles as you defy gravity. Plus, you are able to get into deeper stretches with more room to move around.

4. Skijoring
This is a winter sport for you and your pup. It’s a combo between dog sled racing and cross country skiing. You simply strap your dog’s leash to your chest and ski behind the lead. Skijoring is a great, low-impact sport that will still give you a full-body cardio workout. Cross country skiing is an old favorite for a fun winter activity, but isn’t it even more enticing now that you can include your dog?

5. Karaoke spin class
Here’s a great activity for those who love to do things with a flair of theatrics. It’s just like a normal spin class, except now you don’t have to be embarrassed when you belt the lyrics out to a motivating song. While spin is already a great cardio workout, the karaoke aspect is meant to enhance your breathing technique and build endurance.


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