5 gym bag essentials

Here are five things you should always have in your gym bag.

Here are five things you should always have in your gym bag.

Is there anything worse than arriving at the gym only to discover you’ve left your makeup or, worse, deodorant at home? It means you’ll have to either make a pit stop at a store or head into the office smelling a little ripe after your workout. Don’t let this happen to you.

Here are five essentials to keep in your gym bag.

1. Hair brush and accessories
One of the biggest conundrums of exercising is what to do with your hair when you’re done. Keep a hair brush, a bottle of dry shampoo and some extra hair ties in your bag. This way, you can wash it, style it or just throw it in a bun after your workout. As stated on, if you have dry hair, you can simply rinse it after a workout if you’re concerned about overdoing it with hair products.

2. Deodorant, soap and shampoo
No one wants to be stinky, even during a strenuous workout. Pick out an adorable accessory bag and use it to store an extra bottle of deodorant, shampoo, soap and anything else you use to get ready. Keep a miniature bottle of your favorite fragrance, so you not only seem put together, but you feel your absolute best.

3. Water bottle
Forgetting your water bottle at home can cause a wrinkle in your trip to the gym. Not only will you have to shell out a few dollars for some water, but you’ll also waste time waiting in line to pay for it. You may ultimately end up running so late to class that you can’t get a good spot next to the instructor. Pro tip: Get some serious style points by matching your cute new water bottle to your water-resistant Baby-G black series watch.

4. Headphones
If you’re the type of runner who can’t get past the quarter-mile mark without some good tunes, then you’re taking a major risk by not keeping extra ear buds on you at all times. Trying to complete your workout without music can make it seem boring and even more difficult than usual. When picking out headphones for the gym, go for ones that are higher quality, suggested The Huffington Post. Cheap headphones don’t produce the same sound quality and they make break more easily. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

5. Extra socks
Anyone who’s ever shown up at the gym in a pair of sandals understands how awful it feels to do kickboxing without socks on. It’s the absolute worst. Don’t let this happen to you. Just keep a pair of socks or two in your bag and save yourself from a wildly uncomfortable workout.


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