4 exercises excuses you should ignore

4 exercise excuses you should ignore

4 exercise excuses you should ignore

Even when you have the best intentions of starting or maintaining a fitness routine, life gets in the way. However, sometimes people create excuses to skip a workout or two.

Here are four reasons you might avoid exercise, and four ways your justification isn’t always valid.

1. Timing
It’s easy to find a million things to do instead of going to the gym, but you can avoid falling into the trap of distractions by scheduling your workout sessions. Just as you would an important meeting or appointment, block off time in your day for a non-negotiable sweat break. When you say, “I’ll go after work,” you haven’t made a commitment, but by planning a specific time where you have no other responsibilities, you’re locked in. Try bringing your sneakers to work or school so you can go straight to the gym. This eliminates the temptation of plopping on the couch when you stop home to change into workout clothes.

Alternatively, break your exercise routine into small chunks that fit between your daily activities. Simply time a few sets on your white series watch during commercial breaks, while you cook dinner or between homework assignments to add more fitness to your life.

2. Location
So you don’t want to join a gym because it’s expensive and you hate sweating in front of people. That doesn’t mean you can’t get your daily dose of physical activity. Instead of going to the gym, exercise outside in your yard. You can also do plenty of workouts using household objects or your body weight. Do repetitions of tricep curls with cans or soup or hold a heavy textbook while you do squats. A handful of other exercises that you don’t need weights or equipment for are push-ups, pull-ups, crunches and wall sits.

3. Laziness
Sometimes, regardless of what you say the reason is, you don’t want to work out because you’d rather be lazy. Everyone has those days, but it’s important to learn how to push past the urge to skip the gym and watch another movie marathon. First of all, physical activity will make you more alert and energized because it provides your body with endorphins. You might also sleep better after you exercise because your body has to recover from the exertion. Additionally, starting your day at the gym can set you on a positive track before you even hit the shower. People often report feeling more focused and energetic all day long when a fitness routine comes before the daily grind.

4. Boredom
Spending an hour toning this or that can get old – fast. You’ve grown tired of people-watching the other gym patrons, and counting sets of 10 has numbed your mind. To mix it up, find something interesting to listen to while you work out, whether that’s your favorite guilty pleasure band, an audio book or a killer podcast. You can also try a different type of exercise, like dance classes or boxing lessons, to find a new way of getting your heart pumping.


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