3 easy updos to sport at the gym

3 easy updos to sport at the gym

3 easy updos to sport at the gym

Long locks provide a bevy of benefits to the beauty-conscious female. These strands can be braided, tied and layered in a variety of ways, allowing you to experiment with many different styles that can be tailored to any occasion at hand. While a classy updo can accentuate your outfit, certain ponys are perfect for working out, as they can keep hair from sticking to your face or flying in your eyes.

Next time you visit the gym, consider tying your tresses in one of these simple styles that will keep your hair in place during the most rigorous routine.

1. The fishtail
This ‘do is a sleek and stylish option for girls with medium to long hair. You can either create a fishtail braid down the back of your hair, or compile your strands on one side of your head and rock a side pony. Start by dividing the desired section of your hair in half. Pick one small strand from the left side and cross it over to the right. Then, select a similarly-sized piece from the right side and cross it to the left. Continue this pattern until you’ve reached the end of your hair, then tie the look together with a ponytail holder. Be sure to secure any flyaways or loose sections with bobby pins.

2. The funky French
Consider this unconventional take on the French braid if you want a funky – yet fresh – look. Divide your hair to the side and start a traditional French braid with the larger section. However, instead of creating the design in a straight line, curve the pattern so it resembles an “s.” Once your braid covers the top of your head, compile the rest of your strands in a regular braid, then twist it and secure it like it was a normal bun.

3. The space-time tie down
This look can give off a fun, futuristic vibe that pairs well with neon outfits, such as a bright BABY-G BA112-1A watch. You’ll need four hair ties for this look. Start by grabbing a section of hair from the top of your head – like you were making a small half-pony – and securing it with a tie. Grab a second section underneath the top one, but compile both the new section and preexisting pony with one tie. Create two more layers, and by the end, you should have a long pony complete with four sections.


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