10 amazing moments you experienced from good exercise

Once you start to get in the exercise zone it's hard to not feel good about yourself.

Once you start to get in the exercise zone it's hard to not feel good about yourself.

Have you started to notice the difference a good workout makes in your overall self confidence? Once you start to get in the exercise zone, it’s hard to not feel good about yourself.

As a result, here are 10 amazing moments you’ve probably experienced as a result of getting fit:

1. New personal record
You did it: You achieved a new personal record. Whether it’s lifting more weight, swimming a faster time or medalling at the big race, you know you’re the only one who could make that change happen.

2. Someone asking, “Did you lose weight?”
OK, so the goal of working out isn’t necessarily to lose weight, but instead to get healthy – but hey, it doesn’t hurt to hear a compliment like that!

3. Going down a size in jeans
And on the same note, fitting into a new pair of jeans without needing to jump around to pack it all in to them sure feels good, doesn’t it?

4. Saying no to junk food
You said no to the donut and grabbed an apple in the office? Amazing.

5. You stuck to your meal plan
But you didn’t just say no to junk food, you officially started to meet all your dietary goals without temptation.

6. Someone came to you for advice
People are starting to notice and admire your hard work so they’re coming to you for workout pointers. You don’t have to be an expert to help someone get started in the right, healthy direction!

7. You’re happier
You’ve found that you can completely change your mood with just a quick endorphin-boosting workout. Inc. magazine explained that exercising, especially outside, increases your overall mood. You’ve reached PRs and gotten through some tough workouts, so now it takes a lot to get you down.

8. That moment you kept pushing
No one said the grind was easy – especially when you’re in the middle of it. But how proud of yourself were you when you thought you couldn’t do but instead bared down and did it? Pretty proud.

9. You got up to your alarm
It’s not easy to get up when you hear your BABY-G watch with an alarm go off in the morning. But not only did you get up, you got out of bed and worked out, accomplishing more than you would have if you would’ve just kept hitting snooze.

10. You’ve got some new found confidence
What do all of these moments symbolize? They mean you’re probably walking around on cloud nine with a new found sense of confidence. Here’s the thing about working out: Not only does it help your body physically, but it helps your mind mentally, pointed out the Huffington Post. Keep up the good work!


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