What to know about shopping for designer collaborations

Holiday Designer Shopping

Holiday Designer Shopping

A designer-brand collaboration is often cause for excitement among fashionista of all ages. Suddenly, a top fashion figure is creating something more affordable, accessible by people all across the country. Never heard of this before? Well, on occasion a renowned fashion mogul will be asked to work on a toned-down version of his or her collection to be sold in chain stores like H&M or Target.

The materials used to make the clothes will be less ostentatious – in some cases – and of a slightly lower quality than what’s seen in boutique outlets, so more people can actually buy the garments. Those caveats often don’t really matter to most fashion-lovers, because it’s more fun to be able to try on and hopefully take home new, stylish pieces at a discount. Yet just because a famous designer creates a line that you can go out and buy doesn’t mean you should snap up every piece. Here are some tips for navigating the next, newest and most noteworthy designer collaboration coming to a retail store near you:

Research the collection
If you subscribe to emails from your favorite stores, chances are they send out teasers of new looks. Be sure to peruse these thoroughly and get a sense of what you like – and what will complement bold accessories like your BABY-G BGA230S-4A watch. This way, you can enter the racks with an idea of what to expect, and will be less likely to buy everything in sight just because it’s there and you can.

Be on time
According to Little Scandinavian, you need to know exactly when the store opens, or what time you can begin picking out pieces if you choose to shop online. While not necessary, it is advised that you try and make it to the store to try on items of your choosing. This can mean that you have to wake up extremely early to beat the crowds if the collection is highly anticipated. Also, limitless sizes may not be in stock, and you want to get your hands on your exact . If this sounds like a version of hell to you, order from the comfort of home online. Just be sure to take note of when the sale begins so you end up with selections that fit perfectly.

Grab multiple sizes to try on
As with any shopping excursion, chances are that a few desired items may not be available in your size. Or perhaps clothes that looked beautiful online or on the hanger turn out to be a flop when you put them on. Dianna Baros who oversees and writes forThe Budget Babe fashion blog, described her experience shopping for Victoria Beckham’s collection that’d been designed for Target. Fortunately, the garments were true to their intended size, but the fit was interesting in some places. She wrote that one shirt made her look like she was expecting, for example. To be sure that you find items that flatter your body, take a size smaller than your usual and one that’s larger into the changing room with you, and compare them to your intended size.

If you envisioned fighting through crowds of stampeding fashion lovers when shopping for a designer collaboration, you can send such thoughts out of your head.Those retail nightmares seem to happen more regularly on Black Friday than on occasions like this. Everything will be organized by the outlet in question. All you need to do is show up on time, know what you’re looking for and remember to have fun trying on some unique clothing.


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