Ways to still wear white after Labor Day

Ways to still wear white after Labor Day

Ways to still wear white after Labor Day

We’ve been told time and again that after Labor Day comes around, it’s time to retire those white duds. While we may not be wearing the lighter shade as frequently in the cooler months, there’s no reason to throw your white clothing out completely. After all, rules are meant to be broken – especially when it comes to fashion.

As you’re sifting through your wardrobe trying to find perfect pieces for the fall, don’t count your white ones out. Consider the following ways you can subtly wear this shade after Labor Day.

Wearing white jeans in the fall
White jeans were a hot fashion staple this summer, but you may be weary about wearing them come fall. Instead of rocking these pants with a coral or light colored top, opt for a darker pattern print. Add a jean jacket to finalize the look, as this perfect addition can work wonders for your ensemble. Be sure to sport chunky jewelry and matching shoes, such as a statement gold necklace and flats of the same hue.

Adding a touch of autumn to your dresses
If you’re weary about wearing white jeans this season, opt for spicing up your selection of dresses instead. For a dress that’s completely colored white, layer on a jacket in a warm, autumn tone – such as an orange, red or yellow. Pair the look with a set of shoes in the same shade, or a darker color than the jacket you’ve chosen.

Alternatively, let your accessories do the talking. Pick a belt or wrist wrap in a darker hue, then match your jewelry and clutch to the colors. Don’t leave your nails out, either – if your dress is all white, you have a lot of leeway when it comes to expressing yourself with your nails. Opt for crazier shades, like neons or blues, or more ornate patterns, like press-ons or paper adhesives.

Be bold with your bag
Your purse says a lot about you – depending on its size, function and style, people can learn a lot about the type of girl that you are merely by glancing at your bag. Be bold this fall by choosing one that’s white. Picking a pack in this shade shows the world that you’re not afraid of breaking society’s fashion rules, but instead care more about rocking a practical and stylish satchel. Thankfully, white blends well with most other colors, meaning you can wear this purse with the majority of your autumn ensembles you’re already dreaming of wearing.

Keeping it classy with your accessories
Instead of rocking white clothing, you can always turn to your trusted accessories to make a statement. When wearing an ensemble that’s comprised of darker shades, reach for a white statement necklace that will draw the eyes of those who walk by. Be sure to match your accompanying accessories, pairing the look with white earrings and your BABY-G watch.


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