Timeless handbag styles for every occasion

Timeless handbag styles for every occasion

Timeless handbag styles for every occasion

There are those women who have a different purse to go with every outfit, there are those who will only shop for designer bags and there are those who will stuff their phones in their pockets rather than carry a pocketbook.

If you haven’t found your place in the purse-wearing hierarchy just yet, here is your guide to the classic shapes that will never go out of style.

Perfect for an evening out, clutches come in handy when you only need to bring a few items with you. They also literally “come in handy” because the style requires you to hold your bag. Although, some of these tiny purses have a wrist strap so you can let them dangle while you chat. If you can get by with just a phone, lipstick and wallet, go with this classy and subtle purse.

A tote bag works well as a small school bag and a carry-on bag for flights in addition to its general purse duties. They tend to be rectangular with a strap long enough to put over your shoulder. Whether you’re using your tote bag to bring your laptop around or simply for the amount of space it allows for makeup and snacks, you will look stylish and sophisticated.

This style of purse is only a bit bigger than a clutch, but infinitely more convenient in most settings. With a cross-body bag, you can bring the essentials and keep your hands free. While a messenger bag can put serious weight on your shoulders, cross-body purses are often too tiny to pack with weighty objects. Cross-body bags are great for carrying belongings while you bicycle, guarding against pick pockets on busy city streets and showing off your stellar fashion sense.

Who What Wear stated that satchel purses actually originated as book bags. You can totally still throw your school necessities in a satchel if it’s spacious enough, but you most often see them used as handbags these days. Hold it by the short handle on top or from the long strap around your shoulder – either way, you’ll look great.

According to the Chic Fashionista, there are a few questions you should ask yourself before making a handbag purchase. First of all, how many outfits can it go with? Secondly, how often will you use that purse? And lastly, is its main purpose for carrying your belongings or as a cute accessory?

Don’t forget the most important question to ask – will my new purse match my watch?


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