The evolution of ombré

Ombre Fashion

Ombre Fashion

You’ve no doubt heard of the ombré hair style that swept the nation, and you may have even maintained one yourself, but nowadays, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a single hair with this two-tone ‘do. Why? Like with all fashion fads, this style simply faded away, making room for newer and better options.

The new color must-have
The “cafe au lait” is a new twist on the ombré in that it mimics its two-tone goodness, but rather than a fashionably stark difference in color, this look gives you a gradient transition from light to dark throughout. The result is a hair style that looks much more natural and even, despite the obvious contrast between your roots and the color added throughout.

It isn’t all an emphasis on the dark
The ombré was relatively straightforward. Darker browns – and sometimes black – extended from the root and then about halfway down, a much lighter shade blended in as if your hair were slowly growing out after an attempt at going blond. The look was beautiful, if done artfully, but it didn’t leave you with very many options.

The cafe au lait, however, plays with shades in a different way, allowing you blend in more colors, have better control over where each shade shifts into another, and gives you an altogether more natural finish.

It’s in the naturals
This season is proving to be a resurgence of styles that borrow from the “barely there” look. Makeup aside, hairdos are also following this trend, allowing you much more freedom to explore other options. Are you not fond of complicated up ‘dos? Then forget about them. This season, let your whimsy take you to a land of comfort first, which, thankfully, is right on trend. Strap on your BABY-G and head out into the sunlight with nothing but the wind in your hair.


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