Style guide: Creating new looks with old clothes

Creating new looks

Creating new looks

“I have nothing to wear.” You know you’re guilty of saying this upon opening a completely full closet, and soon, your entire wardrobe is on the floor as you shuffle around for an outfit. However, years of hoarding clothes, shoes and accessories is about to pay off. If you’re looking at your clothes and thinking you’ve already worn that, you aren’t thinking outside of the box enough. Creating a new look doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. It’s simply about transforming the wardrobe you already own with different combinations of clothes and accessories.

Here are a couple of tricks to make the most of your closet:

Mix seasonal prints 
No longer do you have to worry about matching prints with seasons. This means you finally don’t have to retire your favorite florals. Glamour magazine has identified some of the latest fashion trends and has dubbed this particular style, “Winter Florals.” The trick to making it last all year round? Glamour suggested pairing florals with sweaters, suede fabrics and dark tights in the colder months. Think cozy cardigans, scarves and jackets and you should be good to go.

Accessorizing is key
The accessories are what really pull an outfit together, however they can also act as a distraction from your old clothing. A statement scarf will draw attention away from the old sweater or tee you’re sporting underneath. A good watch will complete your look or even embellish your outfit further, but it doesn’t have to be worn alone. Mix and match your bracelets and watches. Try a BABY-G watch for a pop of color and accent it with some of your old silver bangles for a fresh look. Don’t forget: You’ve seen plenty of celeb street style to know that the key to turning a basic outfit into a standout one is the accessories.

Modify your clothes 
You know the drill. Jeans can become shorts and T-shirts can become tank tops. But you can be more clever than that when it comes to reinventing your clothing. Have you ever considered turning your scarf into a wrap skirt? Style blog RueLaLa showed how you can make the skirt with just a couple of folds and twists, plus a safety pin for slippage safety, of course. “Car wash skirts” are in right now, according to Glamour’s fashion trend guide, so any scarves with a fringe trim will make for a seamless play on this latest trend.

What to do with the impulse buys
As you sift through your closet, are you finding some clothes that still have tags on them? While this is the perfect opportunity to showcase a new piece, it’s also a good opportunity to clean out the styles that might not be a fit for you anymore. If you don’t see yourself wearing it, throw it in bag and take it to your nearest donation center. You can also do this for clothes that you haven’t worn in a while. If you can’t pair a piece with any of your new style tips, chances are you can go ahead and donate that as well!


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