Select a flattering and comfortable outfit for holiday gatherings

Holiday Outfit

lHoliday Outfit

Choosing an appropriate outfit for winter holiday gatherings can be tricky. You want to be comfortable and feel good about stuffing your face, but style doesn’t have to be irrelevant.

If you’ve been going back and forth between looking fierce and feeling casual, fret no more. Vogue magazine explained that it’s important to strike a balance between the two by wearing a piece that’s loose where you want comfort, yet highlights your best features.

We have the perfect holiday season style guide to help you select an outfit that lets you have the best of both worlds as you continuously check your BABY-G watch for dinnertime.

Sporty swag
Some families are all about the regional football, hockey or basketball team. If you gather in the living room to root for your favorite franchise over the holidays, you can tailor your outfit to the occasion. Either wear a jersey, a team hoodie or coordinate your clothes to coincide with the signature colors. These options let you celebrate everything winter has to offer when you’re passing the chips and salsa or hot wings.

Chic coverage
One way to deal with your desire to indulge in rich food and decadent treats while selecting your dinner ensemble is with a layered outfit. Find a cardigan or over shirt that brings both your comfort level and style up a notch. One popular route to take is a denim or chambray overshirt.

Posh pajamas
Both Glamour and Vogue magazines suggested buying a pair of fancy pajamas that can be dressed up with accessories. This might take some imagination, but if you’re interested, browse the selection of jammies and consider how you might convert them into a holiday outfit.

Stretchy style
Let’s face it – no one likes having to unbutton their jeans at the dinner table. Avoid that whole ordeal by wearing pants that have some stretch. Whether you prefer leggings, jeggings or yoga pants, you can skip the constraint of pants altogether.

Oversized outfits
Luckily, oversized sweaters and flannels are trendy, and you should take advantage of that. Rock a loose flannel or chunky sweater for your family’s annual holiday dinner so you don’t have to worry about feeling like a stuffed sausage after you eat. You may also want to wear a pair of boyfriend jeans, because the relaxed fit gives you more room to relax at the table.

While loose clothes are a great look, you should steer clear of big sleeves that can droop onto your plate. Scoop necks and long scarves might be problematic when it comes to feasting as well.


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