Making a monochromatic ensemble work

Make Monochromatic Work

Make Monochromatic Work

As you’re prepping your back-to-school wardrobe, you may be delving deep into the racks to plan those perfect outfits to show off at the beginning of the academic year. Between your bevy of belts and impressive selection of skirts, trying to find the right top to match your bottoms may become difficult – especially if you’re in a rush.

Instead of stressing over your separates, opt for an ensemble entirely composed of one shade. Whether you’re picking a dress in a solid color or choosing pants and a top of a similar hue, sticking with one shade is a hot choice this season.

If you’re hoping on the monochromatic bandwagon, consider the following ways you can add a bit of style to your selection.

Keep it simple
Selecting just one shade for your ensemble ensures your outfit can be both simple and sleek. Don’t try to overdo your look with too many belts or layers – stick with a one-piece or comfortable top and bottom. Stay away from patterns, as they can unnecessarily complicate the style. When it comes to your clothes, keep your choices limited to the color of your choice and let the other items in your look do the talking.

Accentuate with accessories
Sift through your jewelry and select pieces that will speak volumes. If you’ve chosen a neutral shade for your outfit, like beige, white or black, you’ve got a bit more freedom when picking accessories. With an ensemble in one of these shades, select statement jewelry in bright colors that will draw attention. For example, if you’re rocking an all-black outfit, pick a fun shade – like yellow – to pop. Adorn the look with a chunky necklace, studs in the same hue and your BABY-G BGD500-9 watch.

When it comes to your shoes, you’ve got an equal amount of freedom. If you want to emulate a more classic look, stick with a pair in the same shade as your outfit. However, if you’re going for a more daring look, pick an opposing color that will make both your outfit and shoes pop. For example, a blue ensemble would be best accentuated with orange pumps, while a red look would pair well with green shoes.

Don’t forget about your makeup – if you’ve relied heavily upon a particular shade for your accessories, such as pink, emulate the choice in your makeup selection. Stick with a simple pink pout and light blush dusting. However, if you’ve opted for simpler jewelry in silver or gold, pick a more neutral palette for your face.


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