Make Jeans Look Dressy

Make those jeans look classy - in any situation

Make those jeans look classy - in any situation


Jeans are a great all-American item of clothing, and they can pretty much suit every situation. They’re perfect to throw on when you’re running late in the morning, can sit well with a sweatshirt, and are good for the beach, the barbecue and your best friend’s couch.

There are myriad styling options for creating a great outfit centring around your jeans:  You can’t go wrong accessorizing with staples like a BABY-G watch, earrings and a couple of rings or necklaces. A nice belt can stand out, and break up an otherwise monochrome outfit. But how do you really make your denim-based duds look just that little bit more posh?

Keep it dark
For the most part, stone-washed or acid-washed denim went out of style, and most people like to leave anything white for pre-Labor Day dressing purposes. That being said, if you’re wearing jeans to a fancy dinner or family function, you want to look classy. According to Stylecaster, in more dressy or professional situations, opting for a darker dye to your denim is better. The source added that lighter jeans tend to give the wearer a more relaxed appearance, which can be great for the weekend, but maybe not date night, especially if you’re headed somewhere more magnificent than the mall.

Pairing your dark denim with a blazer can make your outfit look all the more sharp and serious enough to help you feel more confident. This can be another good clothing option to try out at a summer internship or a work experience placement, if you happen to be sent to an office with a casual dress code.

It’s all about the shoes
Stylecaster suggested that denim can be done up with the right pair of heels, while Pure Wow recommended trying out ballet flats along with your jeans. One thing can be deduced from both pieces of advice:Nicer shoes elevate the jeans portion of your ensemble. If you want to wear skinny jeans with a stunning pair of stilettos, you will have a great look for your favorite fancy restaurant. Want to take your family reunion outfit up a notch? Pair bold flats with your denim – and pick something particularly outstanding. You can never go wrong with a bit of sparkle.

Play with texture on top
Mixing up different materials can give your denim-based look an eclectic, fashionable feel. Pure Wow advised that jeans may look classier and cooler with a sheer flowery shirt, a decadent velvet jacket or a chunky, textured sweater. Wearing different materials to match the seasons will enable your denim to be a year-round item that can look dressy with different tops, and still feel thoroughly comfortable to wear.

The next time you have to look a bit sharper, don’t discount denim. Just be sure to find neat, clean jeans that don’t have all the bells and whistles of your favorite, ripped pair. Find top quality denim, and think like a fashionista.

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