Get rebellious with a graphic liner look

Get rebellious with a graphic liner look

Get rebellious with a graphic liner look


Move over, natural ladies. Vogue says that this summer, it’s all about the rebel liner – and they don’t mean slightly against the grain. So often, beauty magazines tout the softer side of makeup, suggesting that women of all ages want to look like they aren’t wearing anything. While this look is beautiful and shouldn’t be kicked to the curb completely, there’s no harm in letting your dark side out now and then.

According to Vogue, a smudgy black liner around the eyes is perfect for letting the world see your rebellious attitude at first glance. All you really need to accomplish this look is a black liner and a smudge brush. Simply coat the lash line – top and bottom – with a kohl pencil or another product that moves easily. Next, smudge it out with either a smudge brush or a cotton swab so that the stark line is fuzzy around the edges.

The eyes are the easy part. Vogue noted that this summer look is best paired with a basic complexion – that’s right, girls. This means you’ll have to forego the contour. For another twist, the beauty magazine also said to leave out the mascara, as this graphic liner is all about the stark contrast between your skin tone and the harshness of the black.

If you’d prefer to dress it up a little, try adding a few unfamiliar accessories to the mix. A BABY-G watch, for example, with a pair of black pumps, jean shorts and a basic black t-shirt make the perfect combination if you’re going for a punk inspired image for the day. To soften things up a little, pair this graphic liner look with a simple sundress. Don’t worry – your eyes alone will give you the edge you’re going for.


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