Find the best fashion choices for your hair color

Hair Color Fashion

Hair Color Fashion

While you can easily change your hair color with a box of dye from the pharmacy, there isn’t anything wrong with standing by your natural palette. However, the color of your hair can complement or clash with your outfits, depending on the style you desire. Certain clothes will look better with your hair, although SheKnows determined that eggplant, deep red and dark teal attire are flattering on everyone.

The colors you choose to wear can define your signature look and convey a bit of your personality. However, there’s more than the basic seven shades to consider, Joy of Clothes explained. You have to consider the tone, shade and intensity of each option when you decide on your dominant color.

To find out the best colors of clothes for your hair color, check out these specific recommendations.

The best hues for blondes often depend on the color of your eyes, according to Joy of Clothes. People with fair hair and blue, green or gray eyes have light coloring. This means their outfits should include both dark and subdued colorsin conjunction with each other, rather than two deep shades. The source also recommended wearing the palest shade closest to your face. If you have dark eyes with blonde hair, your coloring is softer. With this type of palette, avoid clothes that contrast and opt for tops and bottoms that are only a few shades apart.

Style Bistro suggested blondes replace black with navy blue because it’s a bit lighter yet still formal. The starkness of black can wash blondes out, as they often have a light complexion as well. For blondes who want a bold and attention-grabbing outfit, choose a contrasting color like royal blue or true red if it complements your skin tone, according to SheKnows.

A huge range of hair colors fall under the umbrella of brunette, and some lend themselves to different dominant colors, Joy of Clothes explained. Light brown hair looks best with a warm palette, while medium brown is considered soft. Depending on the color of your eyes, dark brown and black hair call for clear palettes with light eyes or deep shades with dark eyes, respectively. Colors it considers warm that work well for fairer brunettes include a wide variety of greens, and many hues on the purple spectrum are ideal for people with medium-brown hair. If you have dark hair and blue or green eyes, take advantage of contrasting and vivid colors, such as bright pink and royal purple}. With dark hair and eyes, try to wear dark colors and steer clear of too much neutral in your outfits, but don’t be afraid to choose a bold shade every now and then.

However, Joy of Clothes suggested adding a light-colored accessory, like a white series watch, to make your outfit even more attractive. SheKnows recommended experimenting with bright green and fuchsia if you’re interested in contrasting colors. When you want to wear neutral colors, stick to black, white and gray instead of tan or light pink type colors, as they’re often more flattering with a brunette’s skin tone.

Although red hair can be the most challenging shade to find complementary clothes for, once you know the basic colors to look for, you’ll be less likely to choose an outfit that clashes with your locks. Green is often a flattering color for people with red hair, especially when they have green or blue eyes. Joy of Clothes determined that redheads’ dominant hues have golden or yellow undertones because their coloring is warm. Some great options include various shades of green like muted turquoise or aqua. Style Bistro confirmed the positive effects of blue-green colors on red heads, plus neutrals like camel, cream and ivory. The source explained that people with red hair should opt for navy blue or a deep shade of green instead of black when it comes to formal wear.


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