Fashion Guide 101: Rules to follow or break

Here is your fashion guide to all your biggest style questions.

Here is your fashion guide to all your biggest style questions.

In the fashion world, there are so many rules that dictate how you can dress in different seasons or what colors you can or can’t wear together. However, there are a couple fashion directives you’ve been hearing your entire life that aren’t as strict as you might think they are.

Have no fear – here is your fashion guide to all your biggest style questions:

1. Can you wear white after Labor Day?
To break or not to break, that is the question of this staple rule. Let’s face it, you want to keep wearing white after Labor Day because it’s usually still nice enough weather that you can do so. White is a great color all year round – you just have to know how to put it together. InStyle magazine explained that this is an outdated rule, however you do still want to be cautious as to how you wear it. Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe explained to the publication that it all comes down to how you style it.

“When it comes to wearing white, I say wear it all year round—winter white, especially, is fresh and unexpected during the colder seasons. I think every woman should experiment and see what works best for them—find the best shade of white for her skin tone and the best silhouette for her body type,” Zoe explained.

The verdict: Break it.

2. Can you wear black with brown?
Saffluence style blog – and designers everywhere – have said as long as it makes sense, you can wear black and brown together. The blog explained you can mix your accessories to make your look come together. Try brown boots with black pants and a brown belt or bag, just make sure all the browns are the same shade. There are also tons of accessories, like boots or scarves that mix black and brown that can tie your outfit together and will make you look like a total fashion pro.

The verdict: Break it.

3. Before leaving the house, should you remove one accessory?
The very fabulous Coco Chanel once advised, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” It’s hard not to follow the advice of a super chic lady such as Ms. Chanel, especially since she boasts a simplistic style. If you have too many moving parts to your outfit you might overwhelm people – or even yourself. You can still mix accessories without totally overdoing it, however. For example, try mixing your BABY-G watch with some bangles and a long necklace. As long as the accessories lend themselves to the other, and they are delicate enough, you won’t look engulfed in accessories.

The verdict: Follow it.

4. Can you wear black with blue?
In the fall of 2012, fashion runways were filled with black and blue combos. Style Caster explained that after designers like Carolina Herrara and Gucci started breaking this rule, and fashionistas like the Olsen twins immediately followed suit. There are still some people who abide by this rule – but if you have the confidence then you can totally own it.

The verdict: Break it if you won’t be self-conscious about it.

5. Is pattern clashing too much?
A recent trend has been telling women to start mixing things up – literally. Wear florals with stripes or polka dots with chevron. You might think you look like a lunatic, but again, if you have the confidence, Style Caster said go for it. If you’re not ready to commit to a full outfit then you can start small and use flashy accessories.

The verdict: Break it.


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