Fall jackets to rock this season

Fall jackets

Fall jackets

New seasons bring new fashion statements and these are hot – or at least warm. It’s time to get yourself a light and durable jacket for the cool autumn weather, so you can look even cooler than the temperature when you head out in the morning.

Styles come in and out, but a killer jacket is forever. Check out these attractive materials and designs to find your fit for the season ahead.

The casual classics
Leather and denim jackets are perfect for the fluctuating temperatures that fall brings. Both styles are lightweight enough to give you air, yet they’ll keep you relatively dry in an autumn drizzle. They look great when thrown over a dress or skirt, but be careful if you decide to mix a denim jacket with jeans. You don’t want the Canadian tuxedo look. Plus, clashing denim washes will make the outfit lack cohesion. Leather jackets are most often found in dark tan, black or brown. Choose whichever shade matches the most outfits, looks best with your complexion or is simply the most attractive to you.

That’s a wrap
Capes and ponchos are all the rage this year, so it’s a great trend to embrace. There’s something about the less-structured design and wrapped-up look that screams coziness and comfort. The best part about the style is that your arms are free to move as they wish and you can easily flash the BABY-G watch perched on your wrist. You might have a strange image in your mind when you consider the traditional definitions for capes and ponchos, but there’s more to the trend.

Don’t think of the plastic drapes that people wear on vacation and at sporting events when you read about ponchos. They can be made out of any material, but many are thick and warm. Some even have fur inside for maximum insulation. All you have to do is slip the coat over your head, and you’re ready to go. The capes that have become popular are essentially ponchos that have a way to fasten without the pullover aspect.

Blazing trends
Whether you go traditional and formal or choose a unique fabric, blazers are hot this fall. Get yourself a plain black one for every occasion, a plaid pattern for a distinguished look or a sweater-blazer for a style that combines comfort and sophistication. There are different lengths and fits to explore. Long blazers channel the “boyfriend” look and pair well with leggings and a nice top. Cropped blazers that land above your waist are great to wear with dresses in place of a cardigan.


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