Dress to impress: First date fashion tips

First Date

First Date

Do you have butterflies in your stomach for that first date you scored? There’s really no comparison to the excited knot you get as a result of being asked out by your crush – but make no mistake, that knot can quickly turn into a wave of panic. What are you going to wear?

First of all, don’t worry. Unless this is a blind date, he’s already seen your style and you haven’t scared him off yet. But you do want to put in a little extra effort – it’s a subtle signifier that says you actually do care. That being said, you have to dress for the appropriate setting. What does he have set up? Your outfits are not exactly interchangeable – you can’t wear the same thing to the park that you would wear to a restaurant.

Before you go any further, consider this: Color matters. As if things couldn’t get more complicated, now you have to stress about what color you’re wearing, too? Harper’s Bazaar did the dirty work and provided a simple solution – just wear black. They found that black signified confidence, intelligence and flirtatiousness, which all just happen to be the perfect qualities you want to evoke to your date!

This guide will take you through popular date ideas and match the appropriate outfit and color scheme all the way down to the accessories:

Concert: Black leather jacket and tassel side bag
Music is a great bond for people, so this is bound to be a fun date! Concerts are also great because you get to break out the edgy side of your wardrobe. Because you’ll be dancing around however, you want a versatile look and comfortable shoes.

For this date, opt for a graphic T-shirt – if you have one of the band you’re seeing, go with that option – and a leather jacket with black sneakers. Athleisure sneakers are perfect for this look because they’ll be comfortable, and they’re a step up from the typical tennis shoe so it won’t look like you just got out of the gym.  A bag with tassels gives your look some movement and you’ll have a place to keep all your things so your hands can free for when you’re swinging around the dance floor with him.

Coffee: Black maxi and Baby-G black series watch
This is such a casual outing that you likely won’t have to change up your normal look, but you can still flirt it up a little. A coffee date is perfect for a cozy black maxi skirt with a white cami and a denim jacket. Simple! But, The Washington Post explained that you should bring an “icebreaker accessory” so you have something to talk about.  Your Baby-G black series watch will act splendidly as that special piece. If you have any funky or vintage jewelry that has a good story, definitely throw those on as well!

Dinner: LBD and choker necklace
Dinner is fun because you get to dress up a little. And who doesn’t love a big night out? When you’re going out to dinner, be sure to check out the restaurant ahead of time so you can gage how nice or casual you have to be. Fortunately, a little black dress fits most occasions. Dressing it up or down just depends on the accessories you choose.

You can never go wrong with a LBD. But really make it a chic and trendy look by throwing on a black choker necklace – all the celebrities are wearing them, you should too! Depending on how fancy the restaurant is, you can either top it off with a blazer or shawl – for the nicer end of the spectrum – or a jean jacket for a more casual place.

Park: Black hat and tank top
Are you headed to the park to hike around or are you going for a picnic? Or are you going for both? Either way – you might think a sundress and sandals would be the obvious outfit – but you should probably be a little more prepared than that. You and your man might be running around, climbing trails or sitting in the grass. And just think, if you’re doing any of those activities, you don’t want to be worried about holding your dress down or slipping out of your sandal. Instead, go for a more playful look.

For the park, try a casual look. Toss on a black tank top, high-wasted jean shorts, a black baseball hat – you can swap this accessory for your favorite black sunglasses – and black close-toed sandals. Don’t make the mistake of wearing white shoes to the park – you don’t want to be worried about staining them. Close-toed sandals are the perfect compromise when you don’t want to commit to sneakers but still want to be active.


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